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Intlxpart’s post on the new Vellagio in qatar reminded me of a silly conversation i once had with an exgirlfriend.

it was probably a weeknight, several years ago, in the UK. its important that you remember the location for later,… the UK!

my then girlfriend and I were chilling on the couch late one night, just flipping thru tv channels when we land on one about Las Vegas.

they do a little piece on the big ass pyramid there.

we both ooooh and ahhhh.

at the TV of course (think we just had dinner so too full for hanky panky).

then the mirage, and the strip and a CSI type flyover over of vegas at night.

ooooOOOOooohh and aaaaaaahhhh!

then they hit the Paris Las Vegas, which looks like this:

its a half scale replica of the one in paris.

so we ooooooh and aaaaaaah at the balls it takes to recreate, even at half scale, a replica of one of the wonders of the world.

her: –  oh wow look at that!

me:- haha those crazy americans!

they then do the typical shot of a couple strolling hand in hand under said fake tower.

her:- ooh i wanna go!  we should go one day! it looks so romanitic there dont you think?!

😐 ???

me:- LMFAO!!!  i just took you to the real romantic one in the real romantic Paris! but you wanna go alllllllll the way to Las Vegas, to see a fake eiffel tower when the real one is only a couple hours away? how could the fake on in Vegas of all places, even compare?!


i think she threw a cushion at me at that point 😛

needless to say i was very smug after that, and always remembered to bring it up when ever she did something silly :D.



  1. Where does the UK come in?

  2. LMAOF!!

    that’s quite cute actually! looool, and yeah you deserve to be smacked with the cushion 😛

  3. crap june, i forgot to add a line.

    lol cp yeah i know 😛

  4. ok added the line, was just a lil thing about the distance from the UK to vegas to see a fake 😛

  5. Dying laughing, Skunk. I have NEVER been to Las Vegas. A part of me never wants to go, ever since Stephen King used it as the capital for all the forces of evil in The Stand. So . . . sigh . . . I just have to be content with the real things 😉

    I love Paris in NOVEMBER! Then I can have all the museums to myself!

  6. i really do wanna go to vegas one day. as a stock market participant i’m sure you understand why. i absolutely hate gammbling because i know the odds, but it wold be fascinating watching people go nuts.

    i think you have to know evil intimately to stay on the right track yourself.

    the both time i was in paris was in the spring, lol that song comes to mind 😛 was it spring or fall, i cant recall.

    but yeah toooooo many tourists!

    the louvre felt like a shopping mall!

    gonna have to sort out a november trip 😛

  7. I went to Las Vegas with my family. It is a VERY very cheesy VERY tacky place and all that fake stuff looks just rediculous.

  8. i’m sure it was extremely tacky, but thats what you go there to look at isnt it? 😛

    i wanna go to stand on the strip and go “oh my god” at the sheer cheesy-ness 😛

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