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according to a ministry of interior report published in the papers today:

there are now approximately over 100,000 kuwaitis who have been issued with a travel ban. travel bans are reserved for those that default on their debt obligations and its a practice that the kuwaiti government has used for a long time now to stop people skipping town.

there are also about 30,000 expats with a travel ban on their heads.

ok so 100,000 kuwaiti defaulters in a population of 1 million.

only 10% you say.

thats not bad you say.

yeah i thought that too.

then i read another article in the daily star today which quoted Jassem Al Saadoun who writes the al shall report on the state of the economy that you see on saturdays in the arab times, oh and he also runs his own economic research institute,…. so he knows his shit:

85% of the kuwaiti workforce are government employees.

which accounts for 284,000 employees.

hold up,….WTF?!

lets recap in case you havent already gotten my point:

while kuwaits kuwaiti population might number just under 1 million,……..

of whom a large percentage are below working age,…….

and a large percentage are now retired or too old to work,………

and a certain percentage either dont want to or cannot work,……

and where the government employs 85% of the workforce,…..

and where this 85% comes to 284,000 kuwaitis,…..

with a tiny 15% of the work force in the private sector,…..

which brings the total work force to about 334,117 kuwaitis,……

and over 100,000 of the kuwaiti population with a travel ban,……

youre telling me that on average 1 in 3 of the working kuwaiti population has a travel ban on their heads cos they cant pay their debts?!

now add to that the number who can pay, but are only just making it so they dont get a travel ban,……..

dayum, you lot are a bunch of broke ass bitches,….. as the saying goes.



  1. hahaha broke ass bitches

  2. hahahahahaha 😀

    when do you get a travel ban? when you don’t pay for a while right?

    So if that many people aren’t paying, how come banks are coming up with all these ways to get people to take loans?

    100,000 is a HUGE number… huge huge huge number :s (in my opinion at least) – considering that most essential things in Kuwait are free – (medi-care, education -including uni-, whatever else) so the fact that 100,000 can’t pay their debts, when the basic needs are already cared for, means there a big bo-bo in this picture..

  3. a travel ban starts when you get so late that the bank takes your ass to court. i’m not sure how many payments you can miss exactly, but i’m guessing they get worried after a couple of months, especially if they call and you dont asnwer the phone,…… which is why alot of people change their mobile so often i guess.

    well in most cases they know that people have real estate here so theres collateral backing up the loan if things get bad.

    plus alot of people just get one big ass loan, but have to transfer their salary to the bank so the bank takes their monthly cut as soon as the salary is deposited.

    and youre right, sooo much is free here that its just silly.

    unfortunately mercs and beamers arent subsidised by the govt 😛

    its all about “face”, you cant give birth in a govt hospital, its gotta be a suite in a private 5 star clinic, cant got to any school but an international one, uni is the same, gotta be one of the new private ones,… but that one i might agree with 😛

    its nuts and yeah 30% of working adults is bloody huge.

    ps mixing down now 😛 will send you something in an hour or so.

  4. LOL LOL @ unfortunately mercs and beamers arent subsidised by the govt


    yes yes … true true true.. you’re right..


    ps. I have butterflies in my stomach! 😛

  5. Gooooolllllllyyyy. Unbelievable. How many times can you write that off?

  6. lol even once would be one time too many 😛

    but seriously,…. think of the good the money could do if donated to UNHCR or UNESCO instead?

    grameen bank could turn bangladesh into a 1st world nation with that kind of money.

  7. That doesnt make sense. Did they specifically say debt related travel bans? Because I know for sure that travel bans aren’t placed only on those who don’t pay up but also for those charged with criminal offenses or are under investigation. Plus sometimes there are family disputes where one spouse would be worried that other would grab their child and skip town, etc. I am not so surprised with the 100,000 figure but I definitely don’t think the travel bans are all debt related.

  8. good point 1001.

    no they didnt say what the 100,000 was made up of or that it was totally debt related. but i’m guessing a large portion of it is.

    even if it is only half of the 100,000 tho, that still makes it 1 in 6 which is still a pretty high number considering.

    if theres any new info on the details i’ll edit a correction.

  9. mr barnes,

    as much as your story really really annoyed, i had to remove it as it didnt have much to do with this post in particular.

    but what i will do is write a post on your story and link to your myspace and yahoo.

    too many are coming to the middle east not knowing the crap that they can get into if theyre not careful enough.

  10. to all:

    its more tension that if you are having travel ban.think first and finish the problem from your head

  11. WHAT about the expats who have a travel ban, but have lost their job. I lost my job, fell behind on my bills, I can’t leave to go home to my family, yet I haven’t found work here. WHAT A MESS!

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