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a couple of good things happened to me today 😀

one of them being i pretty much finished a track with CixousianPanic doing the vocals.

do check it out and let me know what you think,… might not be everyones cup of tea but i would like to know how it sounds on your music system,…. like did you have to turn it up or down, too much bass, or not enough, etc….

Happy saturday 😛



  1. awesome work, it is really good 😀

  2. muchas gracias 😀

    and damn youre up early!

  3. lol no I wrote that comment at like around 3am before i hid under the covers 😛 but then I woke up around an hour ago at 7 am… dude my body is insane when it comes to sleeping patterns 😉

  4. ahhh,…

    but still,….

    damn you up early 😛

  5. French people would say Space which means weird!

  6. there is quite a healthy drum n bass scene in france, but probably up in paris.

    dont really know much about it tho 😛

    it might not be aas active as say the UK or new york 😛

    but thanks for listening, and weird is always good 😀

  7. 😦 can’t get to it for some reason

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