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the weather doesnt get any better,…

my next track shall be called “dusty nostril hairs”.

if i dont sneeze up a lung before i finish it.



  1. LOL!!

    I’m not lending my vocals to dusty nostril hairs! 😀

    All I could come up with yesterday was a phoebe-esque “song” where I strum my guitar and squeak-ly sing, “chicken nugget, chicken nugget, chicken nugget!!”

    Hhahahahah I’ll email it to you 😛

  2. lmfao!

    talk about writers block hahaha!

    you never know, maybe we could do a mcdonalds dnb remix and use that hahaha!

    lol we could like a theme EP,… first tandoori and now chicken nugget lol!

  3. LMAOF@ first tandoori and now chicken nugget..

    in my defense, I had just had the best chicken nuggets ever 😛

    No no no don’t use this 😛 this is strictly goofing off 😀

  4. lol!

    what, chicken nuggets might make a great title!

    its familiar, everyone knows what they are, it might get big and people will make a chicken nuggets dance for 07 like the macarena!

    then of course we’d have to go into hiding…..

  5. hahahahhaha 😉

  6. Long time.. just dropped in to say hello!
    So, Hello!

  7. welcome back, and hello 😀

  8. heehee, the system was down for about 20 mins at work.. internet, phones, all.. so I decided to go and get a gelato.. I am freezing now!

    Whats up?

  9. hey,
    my system was down this afternoon too 😐

    so i had a nice long nap 😛

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