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this follows along the lines of that famous “if it aint broke dont fix it” saying.

and it kind of spans a whole range of topics, and is applicable to just about any field.

the concept of old school appreciation is hardly about falling in love with the nearest antique coffee table and humping it to death,…. thereby adding even greater value by the scratches that resulted from your humping.

neither is it about appreciating something just for the sake of appreciation.

and its not about people who want a certain villages ‘ethnic traditions’ to be maintained just so they can go on holiday somewhere without a starbucks or a macdonalds.

this has more to do with fundamental fundamentals.

looking at the market:

it started off as a place where companies can go, offer a piece of themselves, and get money for expansion in return for a share of their profits. so fundamentally its a place for investors. it was never intended to be the apparent casino that alot of people treat it as.

and if you look at the most successfull people on the market over the past couple hundered years,…. you’ll find that they are all, at their hearts, investors.

as opposed to traders.

sure there are traders who came and went, made money on the price difference alone without really knowing what the company does. but these guys are few and far between. their success is a result of years of hard work, innate skill, a whole boat load of luck, with a healthy does of insider information perhaps.

and they were smart enough to know how to exploit a system and work a market in a manner that suited their characters. more imporantly, they were smart enough to step aside when the time came.

nevertheless, statistics from brokerage houses still suggest that 95% of allΒ market participants lose money.

so with only a 5% success rate you might as well try out for american idol.

it’ll probably be easier on your ego to get cussed out my simon cawell, abd cheaper too πŸ˜›

when you own a business, you dont think about how much its worth every second and whether or not you should sell it incase the price goes down when you come back from your toilet break. neither do you do that with your house.

but thats what 95% of everyone does in the one place designed to offer a piece of a business to the public. hence the statistics.

and it gets worse, they wind up spending thousands on hi tech pc’s and broad band to ge tthem the absolute latest! some even go so far as to move to NY or wherever their exchange is just so they can get the feel before anyone else does around the world,….. cos afterall, the reason they arent any good at this is because of all those things,…

my pc sucks, my broker sucks, my bank sucks, my chair sucks, i’m too far from the street, people get news before me, my broker is too slow, my broadband is not fast enoughmypissbreakstaketoolongaaaAAArrghh!


when buffet is 80 something, lives in omaha, which is god knows where,…. oh and has glasses,…. so the lightwaves are slow and would bend πŸ˜›

wall street wasnt designed to be las vegas. las vegas was designed to be las vegas so bloody go to las vegas,…. atleast you’ll have some fun and maybe take in a show πŸ˜€

so if you get to the fundamental fundamentals of what ever it is you are doing, then you’ll have a bit of insight that others might not.

in other words, an pc does not make you a better writer than someone with a typewriter,…… it just means you can print out more garbage faster (Β  like this blog πŸ˜€ )

a stradivarias wont make you a better violinist.

a ferrari does not an F1 racer make. nor does it make you a jetsetting playboy as the case is with 99% of the ferraris on kuwaits streets.

see even ferraris are not designed for the young.

they were designed for the older generation, for when a couple can zip around the south of france in their golden years which is why theres only 2 seats, and the old dude can atleast show that hey i might not be as fit as you 20 year olds but i have a bloody ferrari πŸ˜€ !

oh and it was also designed for the 20 year old blonde bimbos,…. so atleast they get something out of haveing a relationship with their 50 year old balding boss. atleast they get to arrive in style.

and its also why chicken burgers, while they may taste great, they never give you the satisfaction of a real beef burger.

dont get me started on the sacrilage that are veggie ‘burgers’.

if you dont want a bloody cow, go eat a carrot, just dont dress it up like a cow!



  1. wahahahahahahaha πŸ˜€

    this post is amazing!!

    as someone who knows nada, nothing, wala shay, about business and investment i will take your word for it – i did check out KSE once thinking i should invest – i went there alone didnt understand anything and left – i decided that i’ll save up, slave away, or/and burrow ridiculous amounts of money and then invest in real estate..

    when i was a vegetarian my fav. veggie burger was BK’s burger. But yeah it still didnt taste as good as a real burger – hence i’m a carnivore again *exposes fangs*

    rofls and dies @ the pee breaks scenario πŸ˜€

  2. lol glad you liked it.

    i just read it again and my god theres too many typos!

    but i cant be bothered to fix em all πŸ˜›

    see not eating meat is just unnatural,… we wouldnt have incisors if veggie stuff was normal.

    i’ll show you around the kse next time you take a liking to the investing if you like πŸ˜›

  3. fast-typer.

    and.. true true true.. ;P

    oh merci πŸ˜‰

  4. i have nimmble fingers πŸ˜€

  5. LOL I just wanna know what happened in those last five sentences!

  6. lol i think i had an anti-veggie spaz πŸ˜›

  7. interesting post
    I agree w/ u on the speculators in the market
    however since they r 95% of the market, it is important to keep them to keep liquidity going
    The Investment professionals take advantage of their knowledge and also manage to protect themselves from these market movements
    The uneducated investor is a problem, but they do serve a purpose which is providing liquidity
    You have to take precautions from these price movements and hope for your primary strategies to work

  8. I really have to learn to invest. Hmmm… I really have to make some capital. Hmmm…

  9. i think wordpress is having a spaz again today, i could have sworn i wrote a reply.


    vinnie: true, you cant underestimate the collective power of retail traders that dont know much,.. they pay for my summer vacations after all πŸ˜€

    but i was really talking about the general philosophy that even profssional fund managers forget since they too fall prey to the “perform now or die” mentality, hence theyrr overall average results.

    shale: learn to save first. not many people can sit still with 1,2,5 or even 10 grand in their bank accounts and not spend on somthing silly. thats pretty much the first step to successful investing.

  10. “…. you’ll find that they are all, at their hearts, investors.

    as opposed to traders.”

    That 5% tend to be those who can invest for the long haul, who have the time and patience to let their money work for them. Trading costs, trading frequently costs more. . .

    Love the post, Skunk.

  11. true true, and thanks πŸ˜›

    oh and there are no capital gains taxes here which one more reason people dont stop to think about the cost of trading in and out.

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