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there are two guys who normally do the call to prayers.

and you can tell from their accents that one guy is arab and one guy isnt.

its great when you hear them cos you can tell if something is different.

you can hear when he’s really tired.

you can tell when he’s in a rush to get somewhere,… which is my favourite lol 😛

you can tell when he just cant be arsed and would rather be doing something else,… also funny 😛 .

and man can you tell when he’s full of allahs love cos he’ll be sooooo damn perky!

i think the arab regulars gone on summer vacation.

theres a new guy in town.

i wonder if they have like temp prayer caller agencies.

new guys pretty good, good sturdy voice, and at 330 in the afternoon, it doesnt sound like he just got out of bed.

but he does have the perkiness that only comes with rookies. you can hear it in the vibrato’s he does.

the pro’s realise their vibrato’s fall on deaf ears so they stopped doing them ages ago.

shame tho.

on the whole i give this beardie a 4 out of 5 for attracting my attention, which afterall is what theyre meant to do.

i cant wait for regular beardie to come back tho,…..

we’ve gotten used to his voice in the “dont pay any attention to it” type of way.

happy summer vacation regular beardie dude 😀



  1. loooooooooool…

    I had a bad experience as child with one of them – there’s a mosque next to our house and I was like 7/8… I riding the bicycle in the neighborhood and the guy who does the call for the prayers is a religious neighbour. He comes to yell at me because he said that I was acting like “a boy” and that I should go home. Of course, I totally ignored him and kept cycling in front of his house….

    my struggle against beardies was born then… 😛

  2. haha!

    you shoulda egged his house 😀

    while doing wheelies 😛

  3. LoooL
    am glad for teh beardie review
    we need such reviews so beardie’s customers can know which is good and which is full of *** ahh I said too much ;p
    oh ya totally, u shoulda done wheelies infront of his house, and took a video of it

  4. haha,… theyre all full of shit if you ask me tho 😛

    oh and do feel free to spell out cuss words here 😀

  5. didn’t know you guys can actualy hear the difference!
    can i ask a stupid question? why does it sound as if the beardies sing?.. stupid i know, but for anybody who didn’t grow up with the sound of the prayer calls, this does sound like somebody singing!

  6. lol i guess i been here so long that these i’m starting to pickup these little things 😛

    also the mosque is about 300m from my apartment and the damn loudspeakers are almost at the same height as my flat. so yeah i get great fidelity lol.

    oh and its cos they are singing it,… i think it kinda evolved into singing cos they have these recitiation competitions, and i guess some guy got all musical to add a twist to it. then the caller beardies picked up on the style i guess.

    welcome to my blog bbq8 😀

  7. I thought most of them were recorded these days. . . you have LIVE calls to prayer? Wow!

  8. yeah xpatr ours are live. i do remember living in another area tho and hearing recorded ones,….

    can you hear the guy pressing play on the tape deck ?

    we used to hear the click and the whirrr and everything 😛

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