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vache by ventian snares running on renoise.

i’m sorry cubase, but youve gotten fat and bloated since we first met.

i’ve met someone else who does everything i ever wanted and more.

booty calls however will of course occur now and again.

but only when i’m desperate so i wouldnt hold my breath if i was you cubase.

ahhh, renoise, where have you been all my life? 😛



  1. Skunk, did you do that? Or is Venetian Snares some other band or something? Sorry to be so ignorant.

    Have you watched Hustle and Flow? Not the greatest movie, but some great moments . . . and a great line about the music needs a HOOK.

    Here’s my challenge to you – Use CP’s voice and surround it with a melody, then jazz it up.

  2. nah thats not mine xpatr 😛

    venetian snares is the name of the guy that did that. he’s got some other videos with nicer music on youtube, but that was the only one with the renoise scrolling so i used that 😛

    hustle and flow, i quite liked that film,.. bit stereo typical but still enjoyable 😛

    yeah i’ve been listening to alot of older jungle so the next track should be a bit more melodic with the same kind of schizo pace 😛

    at the time i made the first CP track i was more into the whole techy two step thing that you heard in venetian snares 😛

  3. That… hmmm!!! It reminds me of video games

  4. it does doesnt it?

    i’m gonna fiddle with the theme and make it look like i’m doing a matrix thingy 😛

  5. LOL yeah you do that! make it better 😛

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