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A: Available or single — single.

B: Best Friend — no single best friend, but rather a couple of people who are closer than most will ever get.

C: Cake or pie — cheesecake of any kind, or a bluberry pie,…. someone invent a blubery cheesecake pie already!

D: Dance or exercise — dancing cos lets face it exercise really aint fun, cept for masochists.

E: Essential Item — laptop / desktop

F: Favorite color — Black,…. muahahaha!

G: Gummy bears or worms — worms, especialy like those sour ones.

H: Home town — where ever i happen to be, lol i’m more of a bedouin than most real bedouins 😛

I: Indulgence — not doing anything 😛

J: January or February — lol dont really have a preference.

K: Kids — blank canvases ready for anything,… no wonder the worlds problems are caused by grown-ups with prejudices.

L: Life — is pretty sweet right now, but shouldnt be wasted by doing something you dont wanna be doing. life is not a dress rehearsal!

M: Marriage — eventually.

N: Number of siblings —1

O: Oranges or apples — both.

P: Phobias — roaches and brokers of any type.

Q: Quote: you cant polish a  turd.

R: Reasons to smile — world markets dropping 15% >:D

S: Season — Autumn – love the colours.

T: Tag 3 people: CP, Ansam, Blue Ice Envy.

U: Unknown fact about me — i rarely know what i’m doing 😛 .

V/W: Worst habit — trying to figure out what peoples angles are, you could be mother teresa and i’ll still think youve got an angle . 

X/Y: Your favorite Food — anything accompanied with great conversation, and anything not sweet and sour.

Z: Zodiac — virgo.


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  1. You tagged me! Now I have to do that on my blog! fair enough!!!

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