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atticus: oi barclays wtf you doin eh?

barclays: huh?

atticus: with that dutch abn amro bitch! wtf man?

barclays: whaaaat?! abn amro’s hot man!

atticus: abn amro sucks!

barclays: nah man she’s for reals dude. she sent me a pic from the beach last summer,…dude you shoulda seen her in her bikini man.

atticus: oh yeah? how do you know thats her real pic? huh? she could have photoshopped that, or just outright stolen that pic from someone else!

barclays: you think? she seemed alright…..

atticus: dude, abn amro sucks and thats that!

barclays: ok i wont meet her offline then 😦

atticus: good cos i heard shes a psycho bitch gold digger, bloated and retains water orca style.  

barclays: 😦

 a couple of months ago Barclays announced that they were interested in buying the dtuch bank ABN Amro.

then yesterday, a bunch of barclays’s shareholders called the Atticus capital, who own 1% of barclays said they didnt like the deal cos abn amro was:

“an inferior business in an auction at inflated prices”.

They said Atticus would seek to persuade other investors, and that further efforts to buy ABN would “harm management’s credibility and anger shareholders”.

all major business transactions should be carried out in messenger,…. with smilies 😛



  1. Hahaha LOVE it!

  2. thank you 😀

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