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brainfreeze wrote an interesting article on the state of music in general which basically mirrors what alot of people feel at the moment. its a pretty good read so do go and read it.

but yeah, radio music pretty much sucks right now. it has done for quite a while.

brainfreeze reckons alot of people have been blasting dance music alot more often on the kuwaiti streets. i really wouldnt know since i’m a bit old to be in touch with the streets anymore 😛

but its nice to know that people are fed up and going out looking for other stuff, and exploring other genres instead of being force fed crap all the time.

so theres a ressurgence in dance music once again?

hopefully that means a resurrgence in drum n bass and jungle too 😀

i’ve been hearing of a dnb and jungle ressurgence in the uk, us, and down under for a while now, but never really thought something like that would happen in the middle east.

damn i better get my shit together and get some more tracks done ( hear that CP ? 😛 ), you know just to be ready for when it does blow up again.

so its back to the lab for me!

maybe more dj’s in dubai will start spinning jungle and get the locals and visitors interested in the sound.

oh and if you happen to have missed the sknkwrkz – cixousianpanic collabo, you can check it out here:

if that doesnt work for some reason let me know and i’ll send you the track in an email.

ps: brainfreeze, if the ping back happens to bring you hear, i tried to comment on your blog but for some reason that music page in particular kept crashing my internet explorer. so instead of spam your other post i spamed myself 😀

and now i need to go clean myself up,…………



  1. Heya;

    Thanks for your comment and posting up here about me! Glad you liked my entry. It really does bug me how its just the same music over and over. I will be checking out your suggestions soon!
    Thanks and keep reading! 🙂

  2. no worries 😛

    and welcome to the blogosphere.

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