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brrriiiiiiiiiiing, brrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing,…..

( i actually have a phone that makkes those digital sounds, but “brrriiiiiing” sounds better than “woolawoolawoola wooolawoolawooola” )

me: hello?

her: allo! (  arabic type of hello, kind of a hybrid of hello and halla )

me thinking { oh i love this game}

me: hello?

her: allo!

me: hello?!

her: allo?!

her: minoo anta?

me thinking { oy vey, note to self, find out how to say in arabic: ” well who the fuck are you calling?”}

me: anta minno?

her: wayn mama? allo?!

me: minoo mama? allo?! allo?! ( doing my best arabic accent )

her: atnee mama!!!

me: minoo mama?!

her: mama! mama! atnee mama!!!

me: maffee mama!

her: ATNEE MAMA!!!

me: maffee mama!…… anta minoo?

her: minoo anta?! atnee mama!!!

me: mama mafee! mino anta?!

her: ##$#@%#@%#$@%!!!!

me:RAKHAM GHALAT BITCH! muahahaha!!!

hehehe 😛



  1. brrring brrring
    hello?? anybody there? 😛

  2. allo?

    wayn mama?


  3. pizza mamamia?

  4. lol i would have hung up from the enta mino !

  5. Hahahahahahah! I must say I am very impressed by your command of the Arabic language. Especially the switching around of minoo inta and inta minoo… genius.

  6. welcome to my blog illusion,… i normally do hang up, but its been a while since i played along 😛

    lol cheers june, my arabics pretty ok actually, i mean i can pretty much understand everyday conversations, i just have to reply in english lol.

    ansam: maffee pizza mamamia! fee baba jons!

  7. or should that be abu jons?

  8. no way! I heard pizza mamamia left papa johns for papa taher!!


    You know papa taher? persian food restaurant in Sharg!?

  9. lmfao youre kidding 😐

    is it any good? i quite like irani food 😛

  10. ok the best irani food is at the Sheraton’s Shahrayar.

    Papa Taher is a lower scale restaurant, I dont remember the last time I was there to be quiet honest.. but I remember it was good. Its been a while.

    When in sharg, go towards Arraya Center/mall.. let Arraya be on ur left, then the fire station will come next.. Papa or Baba Taher restaurant is located on the right in an older looking building.. look for the sign closely

  11. ooh ooh i love those crappy restaraunts 😀

    i’ll have to try that out.

    so if i ask someone there do i ask for papa taher or abu taher?

    and any recommendations of what to order?

    man that sheraton one is killer! i gotta go again some time.

  12. I always go for Special Sultani or Kobida
    and for the extra guilt I order Okra stew too (marag bamya) heehee

    I am so bad when it comes to FOOD!!! I live for this stuff!

  13. cheers ansam i’ll check it out sometime this week 😛 marag bamya it is!

    lol google kobida images,… surprisingly its someones last name 😐

  14. LOL no way!!

    Will.. yes way.. we have family names here in Kuwait that translates into interesting english vocab.. You know that?

  15. lol yeah i know.

    apparently one translates into “perverts” or “sexual deviant” which i found surprising and extremely funny.

  16. LOL no way! I didnt know THAT much

  17. You need to learn Kuwaiti man!
    And she should learn English!

  18. i’ll make sure that i never call you by mistake 😛

  19. bie: my arabic is mostly kuwaiti i think, which must be odd for arabs i meet overseas 😛

    shoosha: just dont ask “wayn mama” and you’ll be alright 😀

  20. I miss “Universal Truth” posts!

  21. lol,… been meaning to do another of those but my brain doesnt want to work for some reason 😛

    i’ll make sure the next one is one of those.

  22. yay! thanks buddy

  23. EVIL! and evil is ALWAYS fun 😀

    It’s been a while since I had been mischievous over the phone.. loooool! We used to do all sorts of evil pranks. Old ladiez were our favourite preys 😉

  24. Oh and btw, there’s a good Irani restaurant in Kuwait City called Yaldez Lar (or maybe Qasr Yaldez(?) point is, there’s a Yaldez in it) anyway, it has great iranian food but it’s a bit high-end. It’s in Al Homood Tower right on top of Jashenmal

  25. Yaldes Palace is Lebanese food in Humoud Tower!! Not Persian

    Skunk- Kids were calling us at work earlier today saying (hamar kalb tais..)
    LOL crazy kids, I talked to them in English and they stopped calling! cowards!

  26. Tagged you again Skunk!

  27. hi kinano, cheers for dropping by here. i noticed that restaraunt from the street the other day actually.

    so umm is it lebanese or iranian then 😛 ?

    lmao ansam!

    xpatr: phew! you saved me from thinking of another post 😛

    writers block has been a bitch the past coupld of days.

  28. *howling laughing*

    skunk this is hilarious. I used to get wrong number calls all the time in Damascus, because the landlines and mobiles were both so tenuous that one could easily dial correctly and still be mis-connected. Hence I would innocently answer either phone only to be greeted by some self-righteous Damascene furious that I was not 1) the friend, parent, weight loss clinic, etc. he/she wanted and 2) that I would (could) not pass the phone to the correct dial-ee. argh. I’m taking your approach next time!

  29. lol glad i dont live in syria.

    i love how they get pissed off at you not being the person they “misdialled”,… we get that alot here,… even tho theres a pretty good exchange here.

  30. LMAOF!!!


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