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i’ve been sitting here for 30 minutes,…

with my headphones on,….

and no music,….

my stupidity amazes even me sometimes.



  1. Maybe you’re just playing your own stuff in your head 😀

  2. It’s not called “stupid” silly it’s called “being philosophical” — you have heard the thing about silence being an actual sound? You were just exploring that.

  3. LOL I like both comments… 1 and 2!!

  4. lmfao!

    both those comments make me sound even more psycho than i thought i was!

    and ansam agreed!

    oy vey indeed!

  5. hey dude. aren’t we all idiots some time or another?? all is well if we can laugh at our own stupidity like you do! enjoy your weekend, ours is still 2days away…

  6. too true bbq8, life gets boring if we take ourselves too seriously 😛

    2 days away but arent you already on vacation?

  7. yeah, i have vacation till end of august…:) but the weekend over here is sat and sun, unlike the weekends we have in kuwait…

  8. yeah but i meant that since youre on vacation everydays a weekend haha!

  9. oh, I do that too! not all the time, but … more than once!

    I put my earbuds in first because I don’t want to disturb anyone when I pull up itunes and hit “play”. Then I get an email that Must Be Answered Immediately or itunes takes a long time to load and … I forget all about it.

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