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beardies always cut you off in traffic,…

while they’re on the phone ( probably to god),…

zigzagging in and out of traffic,…

cos they’re in a hurry to get to paradise, and want to take as many of us with them as they can.

we must be like extra credit.

[young morons who play hollywood chase scene on the highway i can deal with, but 40-50 somethings who obviously think god loves them cos of the style of their facial hair, not giving a shit,…. now that really annoys me] 



  1. scary!

  2. lmfao! and just my colour as well!

  3. Not to mention the disapproving stares and curses (probably) you get when they get a glance at you and realise you’re a sinful woman. Oh wait that’s just me. You’re not a woman.

  4. And usually as they are weaving erratically, they have a back seat and way-back full of bobbling children, none belted in, and Mama in the front seat holding the baby, also unsecured, and the four year old who is helping Baba to drive . . . .it makes me so upset I want to throw up.

  5. umm yeah not a woman 😛

    not to worry tho, i know what you mean, i get the disapproving stares when they realise i’m a sinful kaffir 😀

    xpatr that scene still shocks me to this day even after the thousands of times i’ve seen it. whole families getting wiped out is a regular thing here.

  6. I always liked the fact that the sprogs were walking all over the gearstick and bouncing around in the back. Good old beardies.

  7. yeah i miss the days when those morons only drove pickups and loaded the kids in the back with the shopping.

    safer for the rest of us atleast. 😛

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