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if anyones got a mini ipod that they want to get rid of let me know.

ideally a 4 gig one that still works,…

cos i’m gonna hack the thing to pieces and harvest the microdrive for my mpc >:D



  1. Be kind to ipods.

  2. I have a shuffle 1g but its amazing for the gym bad for listening to one song in mind coz it doesnt have a screen
    its either play the songs in sequence or randomly lol

  3. june: ipods deserve to be slaughtered >:D

    vinnie: yeah that always bugged me aboutthe shuffle and the even smaller one. i’m looking for a mini specifically tho.

    hey have you had a chance to check out drumcorps yet?

    i’ll find your email and mail you a track, it would be interesting to see what a rocker thinks of it. i know alot of rockers are feeling the metal+dnb vibe going on nowadays.

  4. dont you dare say that to the iEverything!

  5. How can you use the iPod’s microdrive on your PC?
    Wouldn’t it be more practical to go buy a PC hard drive?

  6. every iThing should DIE! >:D

    dotsson, its for my “MPC” which is a bit of music hardware. it takes compact flashcards and i’ve got a 2 gb one but the 4gb is stupidly expensive so i figured i could hack a cheapo old ipod instead for a 4gb microdrive 😀

  7. I heard you couldn’t buy songs on iTunes in KW. Is that true?

  8. carly,

    i dont know. i use something other than an ipod so i dont have to worry about itunes stuff.

    i’ll ask around and let you know what i find or maybe someone that buys from itunes will jump in and comment.

  9. ok, thanx

  10. Hiya Can Anyone Tell Me How Big The Ipod Minis Are Please ?

  11. hi sopherrzz,

    have a look at this:

    they have dimensions an stuff

  12. Hey, i have a mini 4gig. if you want it, its going to cost you £40. in pounds not dollars. cheers.

  13. Sure, $50 plus any shipping costs.

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