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ahhhh those search engine terms that lead people to my blog crack me up!

“get cacaroches out of ur room”

well someone out there needs our help folks, and as someone who absolutely detests “cacaroches” i think its time we do the right thing and devise a global plan to rid the universe of them.

and “cacaroches” i think is quite a fitting name.

so what are your top tips on getting rid of cacaroches?



  1. bro, what the hell is the connection between ur blog and “cacarochas”??
    i think that name is quite appropriate!

  2. dude i’m as stumped by that as you are!

  3. 20 Mule Team Borax – a very old fashioned laundry detergent – harmless to pets, and cacaroches hate it! It also kills all kinds of other crawley things, wooo hooooooo!

  4. lol!


    nothing better than dead squeeky clean cacaroaches!

  5. hahaha! I’m hurtin here Skunk!

    I always try and douse them in McDonalds chip pan grease. No bugger can survive that, not even cacaroaches.

  6. lol, and how exactly do you get your hands on your supply of maccyD’s chip pan grease?

    i can just picture it:

    dark alley behind macdonalds, late night, looks like a drug deal 😀

  7. when youfind the answer hit me up

  8. will do. infact i might just do a bt of research and actually do apost on that 😛

  9. What? I really do need to get rid of these little &^%^^&. Once you find how to get rid of them from the face of earth please let me be the frist to know.

  10. will do.

  11. Is this ridiculous? I just found myself laughing at the memory of reading this blog about 5 months ago and couldn’t stop! A classic post skunk!

  12. haha cheers man!

  13. why not buy a cacaroch spray.

  14. cacaroach sprays work and you kill the cacaroach.

  15. how do you take cacaroches out of your room dude.

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