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danger danger!

always a good indicator of impending dooooooooom.

baaaa baaaa πŸ˜›

on the plus side for today tho,… some cute kuwaiti chick smiled at me while i was wandering the halls of the KSE. it looked like one of those smiles of familiarity ( which i dont think is a word).

perhaps it was one of you lot.

cos i checked and no my fly wasnt down and i didnt have a booger hanging off of one nostril.




  1. Familiarity is a word πŸ˜€

  2. oh good πŸ˜€

    was it you that grinned at me?


  3. Was she breath-takingly stunning? Did her beauty remind you of seas and mountains? Did it seem like she was a dove walking among crows? A ray that came directly from the sun? A flower so beautiful that it beautifies everything around it?

    If so, then no it wasn’t me πŸ˜€

  4. LoL. Well cool. screw her, more will come ur way
    Ya impending doom pending hmmm… that sux my friends are trading daily they’r in for a disappointment?

  5. 1001: lol! such a woman doesnt exist, and if she did her nose would be so high in the air that it’d be up her own ass πŸ˜›

    vinnie: if theyre in it for the long haul then they should be ok, but if theyre day trading then yeah from now until the end of june its gonna be choppy if not down right negative.

    simple reason really, investment companies will be looking to book their huuuuge profits so they can publish them which means they have to sell and realise their profits, so they can publish great 1st half earnings.

    so we’ll probably see lots of investment company adverts in the papers after the 1st of july.

    but they should be jumping back in shortly afterwards.

    its really just a question of whether those that only just got in are gonna run and panic and sell sell sell like they did last year or not.

    if they do that, feel free to laugh and point at them,… as i’m sure i will do πŸ˜€

  6. It was me. I smile at everyone and get into a lot of shit because of it afterwards.

  7. lol, well atleast say hello next time πŸ˜›

  8. Familiarity hilarity!

  9. I will next time.

  10. It wasn’t me. I don’t live in Kuwait and I’m a man.

    There, I ‘m glad I cleared that one up.

  11. lmao yeah cheers for clearing that up.

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