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if life was black and white,….

bisexuals would only be attracted to big fat men with manboobs.



    How can I erase that from my brain now?

  2. what aaaaaare you saying man??

  3. hahaha, dont blame me for your over imaginative mind vinnie!

    bbq8: lol nothing dude, was just a thought that occurred to me the other day.

  4. Explain that one to me please.

  5. well apart from the lack of a vagina, a fat man with man boobs would have both boobs and a penis.

    so in a world that isnt the shades of grey that the world really is, then surely manboob endowed men would be highly prized by the bisexual community.

    it makes perfect sense 😀

  6. skunk, i think your thoughts has gone a lil wonky!! 🙂

  7. lol tell me about it.

  8. Good that life is technicolored 😛

  9. aint it 😛

  10. i deny the truth! have you watched “Boys Don’t Cry”?

  11. you cant deny a truth!

    its in the rules,…. which i just made up somewhere 😛

    just to clarify,… i said IF life was black and white…

    great movie that was 😛

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