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Monthly Archives: July 2007

the dust is really pissing me off this year.

so too is the heat.

i dont quite know why its having such an aggro affect on me now but meh,…. embrace, for anger is a gift.

it is actually.

think about it.

people only really get off their asses to do something when theyre suitably pissed off. the problem with society is that people are indifferent most of the time.

anyway, heres my dilemma:

work is here, but can be done online.

and i have interests in iraq that need to be watched.

but i’m tired of the middle east.

but i do still need to watch it from not so far.

dubai’s become a hell hole, and sucks weatherwise during the summer.

after being in the middle east for so long i dont really want to go to qatar or bahrain or even oman,…. they may be different, but theyre really only more of the same.

the one place i want to be in the middle east is baghdad. i seems to have some bizarre fascination for babylon and its people. no i’m not a rastafarian,…. altho i do quite enjoy some of their rituals πŸ˜›
walking the streets of the city of Ur, something thats been considered one of the earliest civilisations on earth, must have gotten to me. its stuff you read about in history class when you were 12, nebuchadnezzar and the ziggurat and all that,…. it gives one perspective about ones place in time and space, especially compared to being in the artificial oasis that is kuwait.

i digress….

so a country with a border with iraq,….

jordan,…. ?

meh,….. and yes that is the king in a star trek suit, on star trek.

syria,…. ?

lol you gotta be kidding, i said i wanted a change in location not go back in time 10 years.


meh again. dunno why, but i’d rather not mess about in the middle east’s firing range.



hehe i enjoy a good chuckle. even ol ahmadinejadinejadinejad found that funny πŸ˜›



you know what,….

thats actually not a bad idea!

its middle eastern but not.

its european but not.

istanbul the city straddles two continents. the only city in the world that does that.

emperor constantine left rome of all places for istanbul.

it changed names.

it changed religions.

it sounds as if its schizophrenic.

if istanbul was a girl she’d probably be in a straight jacket, on lithium, and i probably would have asked her out already.
ooh and most importantly:

i’ll never run out of hummous.

yes i am basing a major life changing event on the availability of hummous.

its as good a reason as any πŸ˜›


I’ve been meaning to blog about this guy for a while now, just never got round to it.

inΒ  nutshell, the dude is a film maker who took the idea of music sampling and put it to film.

sampling in music is the practice of using bits of records, either single drum hits, or entire chorus’s (chorii?) a la puffy and kanye west, to compose a new track. for example the track that i did with CP a while ago was made up of nothing more than 1-3 second bits of sound from various sources. the only recording done was CP’s vocals.

anyway have a look, this dudes hilarious as well as clever, which is a rare combination πŸ˜›

Lasse Gjertsen – Hyperactive

Lasse Gjertsen – Amateur

i seem to have a thing for impeccable timing.

which makes me pretty good at my day job in finance and offshore investments,…

if i do say so myself πŸ˜›

two days ago i wrote about my dislike of social networking sites like friendster/facebook/myspace, and i am pleased to see that many shall join my army to erradicate them.

but today Ansam published something she received in an email that backs up mine and kinano’s cause:

click on this link if you have a myspace /mypotato /ratemybutt /palster /chumster /facebook /footbook /elbownotepad page.

it started with Hi5,

then Friendster,

then Myspace,

then Facebook,

then ( which is quite alright for music actually since it doesnt take as long as bloody myspace to load πŸ˜› ),

then something that sounds like Where are you now,


next week it’ll be MEMEMEMEME.COM,



as nice as it is to get all these invitations, i refuse to join on principle:

– i dont like the fact that someone can keep tabs on me without me knowing, altho i’m pretty sure they could already if they really wanted to.

– those sites just remind me of the gates that you see sheep getting herded into at sheep herding competitions.

– perhaps i dont want to found πŸ˜›

– and even if i wanted to be found, perhaps that other person doesnt want to be found.

– i’d rather not be “googleable”, cos sooner or later everyone’s life will be reduced to search engine results, and i’d rather it happened later for me.

– go on admit it, you’ve googled people you know, and maybe even yourself πŸ˜› might be an exception tho cos that actually serves a purpose beyond “LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME!!!”

so ummmm yeah, those are all the excuses for me not joining your network so dont get offended if i dont show up,…..

especially since the real reason is that i can never remember my password.



i am, i am πŸ˜›

for your thursday evening listening pleasure,….

Tribe of Issachar – Junglist

clip from human traffic:

and heres a little documentary on the most important 6 second sample in history, which is what jungle is mostly based on: