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1- its been a bizarre day.

1a- popped down to the chamber of commerce to ask some questions, and as usual the guy who doesnt speak english sends me to someone who does.

today was the first time that i ever met a truely effeminate kuwaiti guy,… think jack from will and grace and multiply by 10. he had on a dishdasha and a gutra and everything,….. including mascara.

or atleast you know what women look like when theyve been partying the night before and didnt really get rid of their make up proper?,…. it looked like that,….

but he knew his shit, and was courteous and helpful and everything, which is more than i can say for the average testosterone filled straight guy in a dishdasha.

1b- on my way back i was on the road that passes by the kuwait university khaldiya campus, you know, the one that dips under the fourth,….

and while driving about 110, i notice an old japanese car in the emergency lane,…. a youngish guy, who looked palestinian/jordanian got out of the drivers side, went round to the passenger side on the other side,…. opened the door, yelled something,…. then started kicking whoever it was was in the backseat.


i tried slamming on the breaks, but i had cars zipping past left and right at 120-140 so i couldnt just stop.Β  and alot of other drivers were trying to do the same, almost causing a pile up.

i hope someone did stop. speculation of what was going on went over and over in my head,…. was he kicking the shit out of his maid, sister, someone that owed him money? from the guys scruffy looking jeans and tshirt he was probably heading to kheitan, and kheitan being a dodgy area, it could have been about anything at all.

and if i had stopped, then what? i dont have anything in my car to use as a weapon, and if its about money dude might be armed,….. the sheer number of guns on the streets in this country is scary.

wtf kuwait? this type of shit never used to happen here.

people seem to be well aggro these days, alot more so than even 5 years ago when i first came back.

2- i’m looking for some uptempo traditional arabic music, maybe specifically khaleeji if khalleji uptempo music exists. i did some street recordings of some kid rappers in salmiya and i’ve started composing a jungle track with some of their vocals,… but its lacking a lil something.

3- i spliced the vocals so tell me if this makes sense or atleast isnt too nonsensical:

“ya kalb al youm” / “agulak kalmitain”

thats “dog of today” or something right?

and ” i’ll say it again” right?

i’m thinking i’ll produce the track then give it away to the kids as a gift,…. its pretty hardcore jungle track so i doubt radio would even touch it.

hardcore underground,… grrrrrrrrrrrr!




  1. Horray for underground
    about 1a. Am glad u got everything u needed done in one day.. thats an accomplishment in this country
    There r gay guys in Kuwait??????
    1b. omg man,, that must’ve been intense… Course we dont know what was goin on but I hope each got what they deserve
    it must’ve caused a traffic jam
    About music, I urge u to check cybermax’s blog as he shall post some piece soon

  2. lol it was just weird seeing the dude in that setting, in a dishdasha as well, since you normally come across them in jeans an tshirt in marina mall.

    shall check cybermax out cheers for the tip.

    hey check out drumcorps, i think as a metal head you might like it. i’ll do a post about him soon.

  3. red pajero? :/

  4. skunk,
    you’ve got me thinking about the guy kicking some one in the back seat.. did you actualy see a person in there?
    about the dishdasha-guy, weird man! πŸ™‚ at least he was helpful..

    talking about recording music, a friend of mine in saudi wants to record his own songs, he wants to record multi tracks and edit them. can you suggest a program?

  5. “sheer number of guns on the streets” ? I know there are guns around but never in my life have I gotten the impression that there are guns everywhere in the streets in Kuwait and that people are often using them to kill/wound others. The crime rate here is relatively low even when compared to countries like Japan. Usually I hear of guns being used in celebration during weddings or in the shooting range for fun. Really sometimes you totally exaggerate in your posts. πŸ˜›

    If you put “ya kalb ilyom agoolik kalmitain” the translation would be “You dog I’m gonna have two words with you today!”

  6. dodo: no it was a small white car, about 10 years old, maybe a nissan. should i keep an eye out for a red pajero?

    bbq8: thats the thing, i didnt actually see anyone, but the looked like he was yelling something before he kicked. and the way he kicked, you can kinda tell it was someone,…. or atleast something alive and not just a cardboard box if you know what i mean.

    about the recording software theres quite a few out there. myself, i’ve used ableton live, cubase sx3 and now renoise.

    each has its strengths and weaknesses. you might want to copy and paste this to him:

    the first thing before the program is for him to get a decent soundcard for his pc. one of those Creative Audigy 2 or better will do to start with.

    the problem with a pc’s onboard soundcard is something called latency, which is basically the time between plucking a string and hearing it play back on the pc. the better the soundcard the lower the latency. i had an audigy and its not too bad actually. but if he gets serious about recording he will want to step up later on.

    as far as programs go, the best thing really is to hit the websites and download the demo programs. or if he has a hawally equivalent in saudi he could just spend KD10 and get all 3, and use what he likes.

    cubase is one of the big boys, but its also not as intuitive as it should be. and it’ll eat your CPU’s resources like a motherfucker on crack.

    ableton live is more intuitive, and they have some good tutorials that come with the program. its designed to be used “live” so its pretty intuitive.

    the one thing i like about ableton, is that its loop based, so you can run a basic drumloop, and record your playing for as long as you have space on your hard disk. i could never figure out how to do this in cubase.

    theres also audacity which is a free program thats pretty damn good.

    you can have your friend email me and i’ll be happy to answer any questions he has.

  7. 1001, there’s alot more guns than people think. and yeah perhaps i do exaggerate a bit πŸ˜› .

    but when considering a head on confrontation which will most likely lead to violence of some degree, you have to factor in the possibility of weapons in the dudes car.

    and while “gun crime” is quite low, as you said, the guns themselves are out and about.

    and thanks for the translation πŸ˜€

    so it kinda makes sense then? as in its a proper sentance?

    the punctuation doesnt come thru in the text i wrote really. its more like:

    ya kalb ilyom, beat beat agoolik kalmitain.

    so the kalb ilyom is separated from agoolik.

    does that change the meaning?

  8. See what I mean! “there’s alot more guns than people think” ?? That’s a big statement! How do you know where do you come up with that?! You, my freind, are what I call an alarmist. πŸ˜› Nonetheless, I’m totally with you regarding the head on confrontation bit. Even if no guns were there there’s a chance for a knife being around and even without a knife the person could be psychotic and willing to do anything.

    Now about the translation:
    If you take “ya kalb ilyom” alone it could mean “Dog of the Day” – which kind of sounds like a fastfood special come to think of it πŸ˜€

    “Agoolik kalmitain” – means I want to tell OR I’m telling you two words whether it’s alone or accompanied by the other little poetic verse you have up there.

  9. no i was wondering if YOU were in a red pajero πŸ˜›

  10. 1001: i’ll agree with you on being an alarmist because i have good cause to be one.

    do you remember the gun amnesty that they always have here every couple of years? they always turn up about a hundred firearms, and those are only the people that turn them in. for this population thats pretty huge.

    also from my early trips to iraq, one of the hottest sellers up there was hungarian and chinese AK47 automatic rifles. $100 a piece.
    and there was a period of about 2 years before proper border security was put in place so who knows how many came across the border.

    one of the diwaniya’s i go to belongs to a cop who was once my neighbour, and he and his colleagues are seriously concerned about the number of guns on the street. granted its not as bad as most countries but according to them it is getting worse.

    kuwait can be an incredibly safe place if you stay within your niche communities whether its the above average kuwaiti one or certain better off expat ones.

    but that gets boring for me so i frequently go slumming in the murkier underground πŸ˜›

    but yeah in most cases you’d have to go looking for trouble to find it here.

    regarding the verse:

    lol maybe i should find that shawarma shop in jahra that may or may not have sold cat meat and ask if they need a jingle for their new special haha! πŸ˜›

    dodo: i never have nor will i ever be drivng anything that is red.

    mines white πŸ˜›

  11. Bizarre day, indeed. We had a lot of wind and a wierd haze that made my eyes water and my head ache.

    There are areas we (expats) are told not to go because of the guns. . . Mainly Jahra, but also Qusoor and Qarain. Also, to totally back off in traffic – road rage and guns is a very bad mix.

  12. qarain? really? i always thought it werent that bad. we used to have friends there, malaysians.

    but i think it stems from the fact that large caches of weapons were found in those areas a couple years ago. especially in quarain.

    i think it was during the time the military were clamping down on militants when there were firefights in salmiya, 2005 i think it was. clues apparently led them to a house in qarain with a healthy cache of guns.

    and i dont know what it is but the dust is really pissing me off this year.

  13. thanks skunk for the info! i will pass it on. what shall i say about guns, talking from the crime capital of the world!;)
    tell me about “slumming in the murkier underground”

  14. awww man i miss that city, would love to live there for a while.

    i’m thinking of doing a post on the murkier side of kuwait some time so stay tuned πŸ˜€

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