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freakishly timely,….

scarily appropriate, and have been for the past 4 weeks.


just vague enough to apply to anything.

i’m going with the last one.

cos if i dont, that would mean that i’ve turned into a 14 year old girl who believes in horoscopes.



  1. c’mon skunk, you don’t actualy read this crap, do you?

  2. i find it interesting cos like those kooks and investment companies i too am in the industry of trying to predict the future 😛

    professional curiosity you could call it 😀

  3. problem starts when you start believing that shit… and you act accordingly!

    btw, my friend in saudi said thanks for the info on the recording your own music. helped him a lot!

  4. lol not to worry dude, i dont even listen to investment clowns in suits as acting according to their advise can be just as deadly 😛

    glad youre friend found it helpful, tell him to feel free to pass by here if he has any questions.

  5. thanx again.
    what happened to the changing of all the mobile numbers in kuwait? or was it the same as saturday off?

  6. lol even god doesnt know what happens in kuwait till it happens 😛

    as far as i know the numbers still all work the way they normally do and there hasnt been anything in the papers.

    and saturday off is being has been postponed until further notice.

    so business as usual,….. for now atleast 😛

  7. loool

    It would have been fun if you had turned into a 14 year old girl though 😛

  8. lol kinan!

  9. hey! long time… heehee whats your sign, virgo?
    dont read that mumbo jumbo! wasting your time and brain cells walla!

  10. yeah virgo 😛

    hows the move coming along, all done yet?

  11. the move is done.. but my room isnt.. I was shopping for accessories in the afternoon

  12. *Yaaaaaaawn*

    Did I miss much? I’ve been away for a week.

    Horoscopes are bullshit. What does it say about mine tho? (Gemini)

  13. Horoscopes SUCK DOn’t believe in ’em! They keep on bullshitin those people who think that there is some hope in their pathetic livesssss

  14. lol.

    june, it says gemini’s are schizo’s


  15. Ahh

    “Scarily appropriate” is right then

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