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freshly baked buns must be poked.



  1. huh!

  2. lol perhaps i should have been clearer 😛

    next time you walk past bread, i challenge you to not poke a bun.

  3. well challenge me not to eat it!
    LOL… I smell fresh bread out of the oven and I go hmmmmmmmmm for a second, and then the bread is gone before I even think of poking it!

  4. lol, ok i was talking about buns in a shop 😛

    but yeah i’m same if anyones making them infront of me 😛

  5. Oh even if in a shop! I will attack 😛

  6. hahaha,..well as long as you pay i’m sure they wont mind 😛

  7. Universal truth: One cannot exist on cranberry juice alone

  8. lol ummmm yeah,… would that make your pee turn red?

  9. yes o holy ‘bun’ master, they must be poked and squished!!

  10. very good!

    now go an poke and squish,… in that precise order 😛

  11. Must.Poke.Fresh.Buns!

  12. aye!

  13. lol i think a few missed out on what kind of buns were cooking

  14. all kinds of buns 😀

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