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i am, i am 😛

for your thursday evening listening pleasure,….

Tribe of Issachar – Junglist

clip from human traffic:

and heres a little documentary on the most important 6 second sample in history, which is what jungle is mostly based on:



  1. Damn Skunk! That is a wicked documentary!

  2. glad you liked it in spite of the guys coma inducing voice.

  3. i’m an every day junglist
    fighting for survival

    ever see the LTJ Bukem documentary on BBC? it is available on YOUTUBE also

    groove with the rider

    statside, dieselboy was our selector
    rudest rude boy

    when i pull my trigger finger

  4. gotta love bukem!

    i’ll have a look for the documentary, cheers for letting me know.

    diesel boy and bukem are more kinda dnb tho.

    jungle is a whole ‘nother animal 😛

    have you heard of arron spectre? the dude is what 21st century jungle should sound like 😛

  5. yeah, yeah, yeah 😉

    jump-up is where it is at, i mean was!
    then Tru-Playaz!
    Trace was next, the album Torque!
    all the rest is a blur!

    no i haven’t heard of arron, but i will look him up, i haven’t been in the scene for years. but i was a big fan of BassRush parties that would come from Europe to the East Coast of the U.S. back in the very early 90’s. Clarkee!

    here is part one, part two is available to the side too.

  6. heres the link dude:

    scroll down a bit and theres a bunch of mixes he did.

    one of my favs is the ragga-ish jungle type mix, its quite eclectic and mixes his ownstuff with some other tracks:

    [audio src="" /]

    thats the download link, i think its about 70mb.

    enjoy 😀

  7. i do know, stumbled upon this one!!! had to share!!!

  8. oooh amen madness! nice stuff fishy 😀

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  1. […] jungle originated from one 6 second loop of an unknown band in the 70’s. and it went on to represent the british urban youth of that time and has morphed into drum and bass, which itself has morphed into so many subgenres,….. some of which i’m sure we’ll be seeing in the mainstream once again. who’s to say something similar couldnt happen here with something more indigenous to the region than tupac shakur ( who is, by the way, alive and kicking in marina mall,.. seriously dude should be in vegas  as a lookalike racking it in!) […]

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