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i seem to have a thing for impeccable timing.

which makes me pretty good at my day job in finance and offshore investments,…

if i do say so myself 😛

two days ago i wrote about my dislike of social networking sites like friendster/facebook/myspace, and i am pleased to see that many shall join my army to erradicate them.

but today Ansam published something she received in an email that backs up mine and kinano’s cause:

click on this link if you have a myspace /mypotato /ratemybutt /palster /chumster /facebook /footbook /elbownotepad page.



  1. ;( there’s a similar video on youtube, but that one’s a little fond of conspiracy theories..

    of course things like this are gonna happen, the internet is still relatively new and people are still adapting to “existing” in a world that is virtual – so to speak, so mistakes are bound to happen – identity theft issues remind me of Sandra Bullock’s The Net. (I think they played this movie a few days ago on one of the Arabic channels).

  2. true, the problem comes from kids getting on line now and the older ones who have only just gotten online.

    both have very little idea of the possibility of something bad happening on the net as a result of what you click let alone what you put out there.

    yeah i saw the net was on so i made my parents sit down and watch it cos they just now getting into email an stuff 😛

  3. See! EVIL

  4. Ah Skunk, sounds like sour grapes to me . . . .aren’t you one of the 29,000 sex fiends kicked off?? (JUST KIDDING!!!)


    so much for my impecable timing lmao that sex fiend story thing never occurred to me!

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