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the dust is really pissing me off this year.

so too is the heat.

i dont quite know why its having such an aggro affect on me now but meh,…. embrace, for anger is a gift.

it is actually.

think about it.

people only really get off their asses to do something when theyre suitably pissed off. the problem with society is that people are indifferent most of the time.

anyway, heres my dilemma:

work is here, but can be done online.

and i have interests in iraq that need to be watched.

but i’m tired of the middle east.

but i do still need to watch it from not so far.

dubai’s become a hell hole, and sucks weatherwise during the summer.

after being in the middle east for so long i dont really want to go to qatar or bahrain or even oman,…. they may be different, but theyre really only more of the same.

the one place i want to be in the middle east is baghdad. i seems to have some bizarre fascination for babylon and its people. no i’m not a rastafarian,…. altho i do quite enjoy some of their rituals πŸ˜›
walking the streets of the city of Ur, something thats been considered one of the earliest civilisations on earth, must have gotten to me. its stuff you read about in history class when you were 12, nebuchadnezzar and the ziggurat and all that,…. it gives one perspective about ones place in time and space, especially compared to being in the artificial oasis that is kuwait.

i digress….

so a country with a border with iraq,….

jordan,…. ?

meh,….. and yes that is the king in a star trek suit, on star trek.

syria,…. ?

lol you gotta be kidding, i said i wanted a change in location not go back in time 10 years.


meh again. dunno why, but i’d rather not mess about in the middle east’s firing range.



hehe i enjoy a good chuckle. even ol ahmadinejadinejadinejad found that funny πŸ˜›



you know what,….

thats actually not a bad idea!

its middle eastern but not.

its european but not.

istanbul the city straddles two continents. the only city in the world that does that.

emperor constantine left rome of all places for istanbul.

it changed names.

it changed religions.

it sounds as if its schizophrenic.

if istanbul was a girl she’d probably be in a straight jacket, on lithium, and i probably would have asked her out already.
ooh and most importantly:

i’ll never run out of hummous.

yes i am basing a major life changing event on the availability of hummous.

its as good a reason as any πŸ˜›



  1. how about…palestine? ooops, never mind!

    hey, you have the same blog name but plural. πŸ™‚

  2. lmao @ palestine!

    actually its just the name of the post not the blog πŸ˜›

  3. How about Cyprus?! It’s european and it is in the middle east. Dilemma solved πŸ˜›

  4. The heat is affecting you badly! take a vacation!

  5. The office tea-boy was walking back and forth with water for me all day yesterday and finally towards the end of my working hours he spoke -usually he is the quiet kind-

    “You had so much water today!”

    Can you blame me! I was drying out!

  6. kinano: i didnt think about cyprus but it seems kinda smallish….. plus taxes there are high 😐

    ansam: yeah i need a break no doubt, but this was more of a where am i gonna be for the long haul kind of thing.

    and lol @ the water,… its bad enough we dry out outside, then you got AC inside which drys you out even more.

    get your teaboy one of those backpack pesticide things to carry water in πŸ˜›

  7. move to Somalia

  8. Wouldn’t be so much easier to just change your apartment? Get some new scenery? Put a new painting in your office. Some’in like that.

  9. ansam: umm riiiiiiight. i could sell arms there tho πŸ˜›

    1001: yeah it would be easier but then wheres the fun in that πŸ˜› ?

  10. I heard turkey is kick-ass. I’m part turkish (amongst other things) so I may be biased.

    There’s nothing wrong with rastafarians. I think going to jamaica would be the perfect change. just chill and talk of philosophy. Perfect! And once you’re a certified rastafarian and you’re bored of jamaica its become time for your “exodus”: go to africa and live the life of a real rastaman. Smoking really sweet pot out of a crazy clay pipe with your hair in dreads. What more could you want?

    But then you have to come back and blog about it and tell us all how your rasta life is going (I’m not sure if blogging is okay among rastas- you should check on that).


  11. lol how many “parts” do you actually have?

    i quite like rastafarins,… nicest people i’ve known with a much enviable lifestyle.

    pot likes me as well πŸ˜›

    infact i’m also quite partial to ragga-jungle lately so i’d fit in well there.

    i’m afraid i would look silly with dreads tho.

  12. i look smashignly hot with dreads!! πŸ˜› lol i’m just teasing.. turkey? not a bad choice! I say lebanon just wait for things to calm down.

  13. lebanons cool, and has ben on my radar for a while.

    but i crave a bit of stability,… not too much but just right πŸ˜›

    goldilocks syndrome πŸ˜›

  14. Maybe you should just change careers πŸ˜›

  15. lol oh no, i love what i do too much πŸ˜›

  16. Skunk, I vote for Turkey! It really is a great place, and if you love Babylon, you will love Turkey. You can’t turn around without history smacking you in the face, and the Turkish people are great to be around. How are Turkish business taxes? How open is the community? How are flight connections? What part of Turkey?

  17. How about Egypt? Alright alright I only say that cos I turned it down the other day and want someone else to check it out in my place.

  18. xpatr: well i’m thinking istanbul itself. taxes seem pretty reasonable, and theres actually a market within their stock market that is tax free for shares like jpmorgan, ubs and other international banks so its interesting.

    the flights to and from asia are longer but i think better,… eg going from dubai to kuwait is 1hr45mins so you cant even catch a decent nap. it’ll be about 3-4 hrs to istanbul so atleast you can nap a bit longer. might make for a nicer flight.

    mischief: lol so still looking for work? i think egypts too poor for me to be comfortable. i was out in the philippines for a bit and when the country is too poor you dont feel settled even if you could live like a king.

    plus i want somewhere green for a change πŸ˜›

  19. Let’s see how many parts do I have…. I would say 5 parts Kuwait, Saudi, French, Syrian, Turk.

    I wouldn’t suggest Suadi as your final destination, somehow I think it wouldn’t be your cup of tea. France is cool but Paris is hella expensive to live in. I would suggest moving to French or Italian wine country and opening a vineyard.

    I’ve never been to Syria but I hear its gorgeous but then again then again the dictatorship kinda sucks the life out of you.

    Leaving us with Turkey, they have great coffee and belly dancing, what more could a man want?

  20. Yup, that’ll teach me to go around pissing headmasters off huh! Oh well, there’s still Kuwait to fall back on if nowhere else will employ me as a teacher.

    My vote is for Turkey then!

  21. I say stay put. Just for the sake of disagreement πŸ˜›

  22. prophet: indeed what more could one ask for πŸ˜€

    and thats one hell of a cocktail 😐

    mischief: go to turkey, then you can tell me what its like πŸ˜› apparently theres a booming business in business english.

    kinano: lol!

  23. Well I came in late.. don’t have time to read all the comments… go to Amsetrdam.. u will feel right at home and will never run out of homous
    I totally understand basing a life decision on hummous or hemp. and hey therre u can have both
    but seriously the heat is affecting u.. take a break and think about it carefully rather than make a rash decision coz ur pissed
    Anger will never go away I don’t believe… it is a blessing and a curse. You need to find a balance in extreme conditions.. so hard to achieve

  24. lol vinnie, well you cant argue with a steady supply of hemp and hummous!

    yeah break time will be coming around soon, then its time or an island in the sun somwhere πŸ˜›

    welcome back, glad to see you enjoyed your trip.

  25. holy shit, you are funny!

    – if you run up to the diving board, and jump off waving at them,… and they dont wave back,… then something aint right.

    oops, i see what your blog name is now, duhhh. i changed mine, but not because i thought we had the same, heh.

  26. lol cheers fishy πŸ˜›

    how comes youre comment is on this post and not on the other one?

  27. f*ck i can’t do anything right here!!!

    i blame it all on once being a club kid.
    unfortnately my boss won’t buy it.

    mr. kirk, your son is…dead.

  28. lmfao!

    try blaming it on copious amounts of pot. i might try that one day in light of the new research that said it could make you nutz. πŸ˜›

  29. Mr, kirk your son is dead! I haven’t heard THAT for a while!

  30. You are leaving Kuwait because it is dusty and hot!

    I know that I am supposed to be cleaning up and stuff.

    I want to know more about Iraq and Turkey.

    OK I got to go now.

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