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so my mp3 player died in the middle of my drive home from the market, but 99.7 was crap as usual,…. or one of those regular annoying women was on so i switched channels with the utmost of the quickness.

as luck would have it, i stumbled upon an arabic station that just then happened to be playing some pretty wicked track which was heavy on the arabic tablas.

it wasnt quite the regular rhythm, a bit more aggro or hyper, like the dude was on coke or something.

which got me thinking, hows about a track with arabic tablas?

jungle originated from one 6 second loop of an unknown band in the 70’s. and it went on to represent the british urban youth of that time and has morphed into drum and bass, which itself has morphed into so many subgenres,….. some of which i’m sure we’ll be seeing in the mainstream once again.
who’s to say something similar couldnt happen here with something more indigenous to the region than tupac shakur ( who is, by the way, alive and kicking in marina mall,.. seriously dude should be in vegas as a lookalike raking it in!)

so what i’m after is your recommendations for arabic songs that are heavy on the drums and percussion.

they can be fast or slow it doesnt really matter, but something with energy, something that when you think arabic drums that track comes to mind.

i think there are also different regional types so all kinds of recommendations would be great.

who do i look for?

what names do i search in soulseek?

if i went into one of those arabic cd shops what name would i ask for?



  1. sent.

  2. Whoa! Whoa!

    You’re treading in some really treacherous waters here dude πŸ˜›

  3. cheers cp.

    lol kinano, but thats where the fun lies πŸ˜›

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