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following on from my universal truth no 13 post where by all buns must be poked………….

on a recent trip to sultan centre i felt compelled to poke:


blankets in their wrapped up state.

coconuts,…. i know theyre hard, but they look fuzzy and well,… no i really dont know why they had to be poked.

bags of crisps,………….. not that satisfying but they made a nice crinkly sound.

bags of rice,…. meh,….

bags of sugar and salt,…. not bad actually especially the ones that arent to full and vacuum packed.

certain plastic bottles of oil that look bulbous,…… i love the word “bulbous” .

marshmallow packs,…. seriously how can you not?

and those cotton bud thingys you find in the girly stuff isles.

i did however, restrain myself from poking the tampon and pad packets.



  1. *laughing his socks off*

    marshmallows are totally pokable!

    You should try poking the flour packs, extremely fluffy 😛


  2. oooh i’ll try the flour next time!

    dammit kinano youre meant to be helping me stop! 😛

  3. you should take the poking to a whole’nother level, taste you finger after a couple pokes, combo some pokes, then taste, but add tasting your finger, try all the different flavors of poke

  4. You’re missing out not poking the tampons.

  5. Oh Skunk! I have to dig to find the chips you haven’t poked! but . . . .yes, if you can find Marshmallows, they are infinitely pokable.

    Cotton balls! And fresh fish – that really needs to be poked to be sure it is good.

    Hilarious post.

  6. lol fishy, i dont think the super markets you take kindly to my licking my finger and dipping it into their selections 😛

    mischief, you forget where i live, that shit could get me arrested 😛

    xpatr, fish definately needs to be poked! and dont worry i dont poke all the crisps 😛

  7. Ooooooooooffffff! I absolutely love poking things! Poking people is the best! Because they get all pissed! Its so much fun. But I don’t poke people execept on the face, otherwise it’s just rude.

    I would recommend poking ripe fruit next time you go to the market. If its ripe enough, you’ll pop it! And its sweet juices will ooze out. The best thing to poke is old tomatoes and apricots. They’re so squishy!
    Squishy! Squishy! Squishy! Poke! Poke!

    You know what you are you’re a pokemon.

    Yeah, I know, i’m corny. 😛

  8. You are pokeaholic man!

  9. lmfao! @ pokemon and pokeaholic!

    hmmm fruit,… never thought of that, so far its only been stuff in bags.

    and yeah people are pokable but i do run the risk of getting arrested, and i would prefer not to be poked by a bunch of gay kuwaiti bedu cops, or an egyptian cell mate.

  10. the poking that goes on between gay people and in jail is a different “poking”. When I poke things its completely innocent and I use my index finger. You’ve been innocently using your index finger, right? RIGHT??

    Oh man, I just realized your post could mean something completely different and very very wrong. Get the images out of my mind! You and the poor marshmallows!

    Why?! Why? Dear God, what did the marshmallows ever do wrong but be soft and smushy?

  11. well yes it is poking with my finger digit 😛

    otherwise i would already have been arrested 😐

    being soft and smushy is reason enough!

    if i ever become a muslim i’ll demand that marshmallows wear hijabs!

    or nun outfits if i become a christian.

    or a beard and curly sideburns if jewish.

    and whatever else all the other religions do to curb poking lust!

  12. lmao on marshmallows in hijabs loooooooooooooooool

    dude that’s wicked!

    *pictures a veiled up marshmallow bag*

    We should start a poke-or-be-poked movement. Yes indeed we must! You can be our poke-leader and we shall follow your poke-steps 😛

    *cant stop laughing*

  13. I’ll have whatever it is you’re smoking darling

  14. hehehehe 😛

    i think my next post will include some photoshop fun 😛

    and june, the worrying thing is that i stopped smoking anything 😐 which kind of makes that recent pot will make you mental study, kind of correct.

  15. I bet if you are on facebook, you poke everyone you know, and dont know, in there LOL

  16. LOOOOOL @ Ansam’s comment!!

    I think you’re right Ansam – i bet he pokes random people too ;D anyone who looks poke-able! 😀

  17. yeesh what you lot must think of me!


  18. lol!! well i tend to smell every thing! :S especially in body shop !! 😛

  19. lol i dunno whether you would get arrested first or me?

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