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the last time Blue Ice Envy was in town she said she went down to the shooting range and got the chance to fire off a few rounds on a number of guns that they had on offer there. it sounds like such a different way to spend an evening that i just had to try it.

the only thing i’ve fired before was an AK-47, which i gotta say is one helluva rush!

but that was up in iraq, and out in the desert.

and lets face it, an assault rifle is quite cumbersome.

a handgun on the other hand,…..


theres something incredibly addictive about the combination of that much power in such a package that fits in your hand.

combine that with being in an enclosed space where the sound reverberates,…

and you have one helluva power trip rush of an evening.

ok so i tried 3 guns.

2 x 9mm’s and a humungous .44 calibre revolver.

the .44 is what dirty harry used:

yes its a biiiiiiiiiiiig ass gun!

its heavy and loud as fuck, and my god does it pack a kick!

while its great fun, i found it too cumbersome.

Blue, on the other hand loved it, and prefered it, and shes quite a bit smaller than me.

needless to say Freud would have a field day with that 😛

the first 9mm was a beretta:

now that was my kind of gun and calibre.

its sleek, solid, and efficient. and the 9mm caliber was the one i had the most fun with since it wasnt tiring aiming the damn thing so i was much more accurate. no wonder its standard issue for some parts of the us military.

the second 9 mm was a sig sauer:

definitely one of the cooler looking guns out there. and the one i had the most fun with.

the sig sauer i think is made by a swiss company and is renown for its accuracy and efficiency.

this is the one i loved and the one that i felt most comfortable with.

and the one i was most accurate with 😛

seriously,… if youve never been, you gotta go.

and you gotta try out the various guns they have on offer.

the best thing about it was after the rush.

as Blue said,… your mind goes blank.

it is probably the single best stress busting activity out there,… and i’m a lazy ass chilled type of person who prefers doing laps in a pool as opposed to hitting a club to relax.

it simply empties the mind.

the funny thing was the clientele there.

i would have expected a bunch of testosterone filled teenagers acting all gung ho.

instead i saw families, one european, one philipino and one arab, maybe lebanese or syrian cant be sure which. but yeah whole families,… dad, daughters, sons, and even mom was there. not sure if she fired off a few rounds or not.

oh and the funniest was 2 guys in dishdasha’s complete with ghutra 😛


my hands shook.

my palms sweated.

my heart was racing and i was all hyped up after.

now i understand what those gun advocates at the NRA are always going on about.

its quite simply the best fun you can have with your clothes on in kuwait.

and if youre an anti-gun person then i urge you to try it……. at the very least, you’ll get a better insight into why people go nuts over guns.

its dangerously addictive,… and i know a thing or two about addictions.


altho i was tempted 😛

i’m sure blue will post about it soonish, along with some pictures we took so stay tuned 😛



  1. Yup, it is pretty thrilling. especially the Magnum, I just LOVE that piece of art 😛

    The next time you’re there, make sure to try the 9mm Glock, pretty impressive..

  2. I have been there several times and never payed attention to the guns’ names!
    Must be a guy thing!

  3. damn didnt know they had a glock. actually i didnt know they had other stuff from what was onthe menu.

    lol Blue, yeah its our technical side 😛

  4. I am a good shot… but I hate guns now. And I especially hate US gun laws!

  5. i was surprisingly good 😛

    yeah gun laws are a whole nother issue tho.

    i dunno if i like or dislike em. i just see it as a tool i suppose. like you dont like or hate a screw driver,…

    its the lobbyists and gun nuts who i would group together with beardies, over zealous missionaries and curly side burned jews.

    they should all be shot 😀

  6. Screwdrivers aren’t created or designed specifically to kill people.

  7. true.

    but you get my point. its a tool,… granted a killing tool, but its the moron behind it.

    so yes since its a dangerous killing tool morons shouldnt be allowed to have free access and neither should it be considered a “sporting accessory” which it is.

  8. the cat is so cuuute!!!

  9. aint it just 😛

  10. i had a 9mm star beretta once, excellent weapon. does the job well!

  11. I had a round of 9mm two days ago. It was thrilling and fun.

  12. I grew up in a hunting culture, and I used to be a really good shot. I don’t want guns in the house, however, even under lock and key.

    Most of the gun-related deaths in the US are between people who know one another. The problem is that in moments of passion, rational thought goes out the window and the gun looks like a solution.

    I still love shooting, but I’m not as good as I used to be.

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