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Monthly Archives: September 2007

according to your president:

y’all dont exist!


KSE TIME: 12:38:57



incase your math is as bad as mine, thats a just a lil over KD250 million that changed hands today.

just under US$ 1 billion.

and right after the central bank cuts rates again by 50 basis points?


i think not.

the foreigners are coming.

and the middle east is now officially up for sale!


and it aint the khaleejis or the other arabs.

i’ll let you in on a lil secret,….

they aint white 😛

but they too will come, as will the browns and the blacks,….

and they will wind up owning well over 30% of your market.

and this deal will be considered tiny by then, and so too will the mtc move a few months ago.

which is how it should be.

free market capitalism at its best 😛

god save us capitalist pigs!


one afternoon, while strolling thru a shop with Blue, a bizarre collection of “implements” caught my eye.

now, while i’m pretty sure there are underground dildo salesmen in this country, as mentioned in a previous post, i was pretty surprised to find this collection of “tools” available out in the open.

so ladies / and some gentlemen, if your husband / boyfriend / bit on the side sucks in bed,…

and not in a good way,….

rest assured that your orgasmic salvation is at hand,…

quite literally 😛

first on the block, i give you the “Corn on the Cob” dildo:


it’s made of sturdy thick glass and is elegantly styled to look like a tacky mantle piece ornament so it wont draw your maids attention while shes dusting your bedroom.

following natures design, you’ll find it ribbed for your pleasure, with little corn thingys that will literally tickle your fancy.

and when youre done, just wash it up and theres no need to stash it away as you can even leave it on your dining room table, or in your fruit bowl, and no one will be the wiser. try doing that with a phallus look a like!

what am i bid?

the second implement in our collection will thrill all the tomato lovers in our audience tonight!


yup! that picture is a bit blurry because this particular tittilator actually wobbles,…. ( and i was in mid wobble when the picture was taken. )

it comes with a sturdy white plastic handle, which extends into the bit that wobbles, and ends in a nice big red heavy weighted tomato!

in the background, on the rack of toys, you will also notice a round studded blue one, which i gotta say looks pretty damn scary and a green hammer looking thing which i’m guessing would be used in conjunction with whips, chains, dripping wax candles and a bound gimp of some sort. ( bring out the gimp! …… umm yes, dating myself with that reference. )

and speaking of S&M, i give you exhibit 3:


or what i like to call ” the you-better-have-loads-of-lube-erator”.

once again, apologises for the crappy blurry photo,… mid wobble once again i’m afraid.

one simply cannot see them and not wobble them.

theyre very wobble-able!

so who says kuwait needs a sex shop to sell standard commercial sex toys like the rest of the world?!

next week:

Ace Hardware + power tools and how to turn your new “you-better-have-loads-of-lube-erator” into your very own powered dildo.


[ incase you didnt get it, there wont really be a “next week”,…. unless someone really wants to know in which case i could probably call an electrical engineer who might be able to help you out ]

are you?

well, youre gonna love this then.

my regular earphones died this morning while i was walking the halls of the stock exchange so i figured i’d pop down to the sony shop in sharq mall to pick up a new pair.

i was gonna go for a regular pair of earphones, you know the kind with the fuzzy buds.

then i noticed the Sony MDR EX85LP’s, mainly cos they were packed in a boring ass white cardboard box.

and they werent called earphones,…..

they called them In Ear Monitors.

now sony, altho a consumer electronics company, came out with a legendary pair of headphones in the 80’s called the mdr-somenumber,…. if you really need the number i’ll track it down for you.

anyway, despite being well over 25 years old, theyre still used in a lot of the top line studios, and the only complaint people have is that they cant find the cushion padding replacements since sony stopped making them.

those were the big headband type of headphones, which i’ve always found to be not too suited for the weather here.

i hate having the air conditioning going and i really dont like it when i have to turn it all the way down cos i’m sweating while wearing those cans.

but my regular earphones always boosted the bass much too much,…. which is why, if you’ve listened to some of my tracks the bass never sounds right. (cos when theres too much bass, you’ll pull back on the bass so the track sounds weak,…. not enough and you over compensate resulting in a muddy track. same with hi and mid frequencies.)

these ones however do the job just right, without me having to wear those hot headphones.

if you like your music clear and just right, as its meant to be heard, then do yourself a favour and ditch those stock headphones that came with your ipod/zen, and get yourself a pair of these.

they slide into your ear canal, and even without turning up the bass you can feel your brain vibrating. its the closest thing to a clubish sound on a pair of headphones since you can actually feel the bass,…even if its only vibrating your brain and not your bowels as a good sound system should do 😛

since they slide into your ear canal they pretty much cancel alot of the outside noise without getting uncomfortable. so far i’ve been wearing them for about a couple of hours and i dont feel a thing.

the hi frequencie response is a bit high but not too bad. you’ll hear a shitty mix cos it’ll be all ssssssssssss sounding.

the mids which is where most of the music resides if nice and clear.

and the bass goes nice and low on those dance tracks.

they cost me KD16.000 and i’m guessing they should last about 5 years if i look after them and dont forget them in the car on a hot day.

the dumbass store guy actually suggested i buy the cheaper KD11.000 mega bass set saying they were better,….. thing is those are probably less accurate for my use, but they would probably suit someone who just wanted lots of bass,….. and i think their profit margin on those things is actually higher than on my pair.

now these are by no means the top of the line as there are others that make better and much more expensive ones.

if you have sweaty ears like i do when wearing regular headphones then you’ll like these 😛

but do try them in the shop as some people dont like the whole in ear thing……

take in your own music, and try them out on tracks you know very well and see if you like them.


oooh psychofreud’s “boom wah dis” is vibrating my brain to mush 😛 

following on from my last post,….

altho it might have made things look pretty rosy, and they are pretty much rosy,… thats not to say that you wont bump heads from time to time. and bumping heads is especially annoying when its family members heads involved.

fear of the old vs fear of the new.

fear of repeating history vs fear of losing history.

being overly cautious vs wanting to move too fast.

at times you simply have to take things into your own hands and hope for the best.

so here goes nothing…. 😛


since Blue Ice Envy headed back to france a few days ago life has slowly been getting back to normal.

which kinda sucks.

towards the last couple of weeks we basically ate atleast one meal a day together.

there was hardly a minute where i wasnt either pissing my pants laughing or getting frustrated at having to explain a joke 😛 , which she took seriously….. oyyyyy……..

she can be a handfull at times but then what woman isnt? ( yes, Blue “handfull” is a nice way of saying “pain in the ass” 😛 )

still she cracks me up, and now that life has gotten a bit more pedestrian i miss the silly girl’s antics.


is there something about bacon that i’ve missed?

for the past 4 days, my most visited post, and the top search term referring thingy has gone to this 5 line post about me running out of bacon:

bye bye bacon 😦

and we’re not talking 10 or 15 hits,….

today: 48 views of that post

yesterday: 53

the past four days it has consistently been in the 30-40 views/day range!

and this blog just barely gets 75 visitors a day, out of which probably 5 of you are regulars and only another 5 semi regulars.

i’m betting bacon will be the new black for the fall season. McQueen and Lagerfeld will be parading bacon autumn coats matched with prada displaying crispy bacon shoes and armani will come out with “PIG – for men – the scent that drives her hogwild” .

or theres going to be a world wide revolution soon where we discover that pigs have only been using their lazyass mud wallowing images as a cover while they secretly plotted to take over the world.

and since i’m an ardent supporter for the consumption of copious amounts of pork products i must be on their hit list.


oh and happy ramadan to those that are fasting, and happy Wednesday to those of you that arent. aint the weather grand these past couple of days?