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are you?

well, youre gonna love this then.

my regular earphones died this morning while i was walking the halls of the stock exchange so i figured i’d pop down to the sony shop in sharq mall to pick up a new pair.

i was gonna go for a regular pair of earphones, you know the kind with the fuzzy buds.

then i noticed the Sony MDR EX85LP’s, mainly cos they were packed in a boring ass white cardboard box.

and they werent called earphones,…..

they called them In Ear Monitors.

now sony, altho a consumer electronics company, came out with a legendary pair of headphones in the 80’s called the mdr-somenumber,…. if you really need the number i’ll track it down for you.

anyway, despite being well over 25 years old, theyre still used in a lot of the top line studios, and the only complaint people have is that they cant find the cushion padding replacements since sony stopped making them.

those were the big headband type of headphones, which i’ve always found to be not too suited for the weather here.

i hate having the air conditioning going and i really dont like it when i have to turn it all the way down cos i’m sweating while wearing those cans.

but my regular earphones always boosted the bass much too much,…. which is why, if you’ve listened to some of my tracks the bass never sounds right. (cos when theres too much bass, you’ll pull back on the bass so the track sounds weak,…. not enough and you over compensate resulting in a muddy track. same with hi and mid frequencies.)

these ones however do the job just right, without me having to wear those hot headphones.

if you like your music clear and just right, as its meant to be heard, then do yourself a favour and ditch those stock headphones that came with your ipod/zen, and get yourself a pair of these.

they slide into your ear canal, and even without turning up the bass you can feel your brain vibrating. its the closest thing to a clubish sound on a pair of headphones since you can actually feel the bass,…even if its only vibrating your brain and not your bowels as a good sound system should do 😛

since they slide into your ear canal they pretty much cancel alot of the outside noise without getting uncomfortable. so far i’ve been wearing them for about a couple of hours and i dont feel a thing.

the hi frequencie response is a bit high but not too bad. you’ll hear a shitty mix cos it’ll be all ssssssssssss sounding.

the mids which is where most of the music resides if nice and clear.

and the bass goes nice and low on those dance tracks.

they cost me KD16.000 and i’m guessing they should last about 5 years if i look after them and dont forget them in the car on a hot day.

the dumbass store guy actually suggested i buy the cheaper KD11.000 mega bass set saying they were better,….. thing is those are probably less accurate for my use, but they would probably suit someone who just wanted lots of bass,….. and i think their profit margin on those things is actually higher than on my pair.

now these are by no means the top of the line as there are others that make better and much more expensive ones.

if you have sweaty ears like i do when wearing regular headphones then you’ll like these 😛

but do try them in the shop as some people dont like the whole in ear thing……

take in your own music, and try them out on tracks you know very well and see if you like them.


oooh psychofreud’s “boom wah dis” is vibrating my brain to mush 😛 



  1. I need the number and a photo 😛

    I was never into headphones or earphones.
    I used to play the music really loud but now I tend to do it only in the car.

    Watch out for your ears 🙂

  2. well the model number for these are up there,…

    and theyre really comfortable.

    just spent an hour shopping for food in LULU wearing them.

    you wont need to blast them too loud cos you do actually feel the bass 😛

  3. bass sounds best coming from a subwoofer with a radius the size of your arm. im not one for tiny headphones. well, not anymore anyway.

  4. most definately dude, but when you cant be blasting the sub late at night, or in between meetings, these are a nice compromise.

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