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KSE TIME: 12:38:57



incase your math is as bad as mine, thats a just a lil over KD250 million that changed hands today.

just under US$ 1 billion.

and right after the central bank cuts rates again by 50 basis points?


i think not.

the foreigners are coming.

and the middle east is now officially up for sale!


and it aint the khaleejis or the other arabs.

i’ll let you in on a lil secret,….

they aint white 😛

but they too will come, as will the browns and the blacks,….

and they will wind up owning well over 30% of your market.

and this deal will be considered tiny by then, and so too will the mtc move a few months ago.

which is how it should be.

free market capitalism at its best 😛

god save us capitalist pigs!




  1. Capitalists are pigs (no offence 😛 )

  2. oink!

    none taken 😛

  3. “and right after the central bank cuts rates again by 50 basis points?”
    I don’t get it!


    What color are you talking about?

    You did not answer my comments 😦

    I can’t go on reading if you don’t!

  4. the central bank reduced the cost of borrowing money from the bank. so its cheaper to borrow money now than before making it easier for people to borrow money to buy shares 😀

    oink is the noise pigs make.

    i’ll get to your comments 😛

  5. Who then?

  6. funds reallocations
    It has something to do with another company that starts with N! no more info 😛

  7. oooh ansam almost let the cat out of the bag 😛

    yes there was them and a couple of other locals,…

    but there were “others” too 😛

  8. are you impressed?

  9. not bad not bad 😛

  10. Japanese? South Koreans? Nigerians?

  11. lol @ nigerians,… then again i did notice the arab times covering the lagos index for some strange reason 😐

  12. Investors can be such sheep. Like in the US, oh woe is me, housing crisis . . . it’s a sub-prime loan! There aren’t that many. And it is a buyer’s opportunity!

    What I like about the way you think, Skunk, is that you’re always just ahead of the curve. You will be a very rich man, if you aren’t already. (Besides that, like Warren, you live under your means 🙂

  13. true, there arent that many, and its actually got more to do with institutions acting like sheep as you said, and piling their clients’ money into those mortgaged backed securities cos “everyone else was doing it” a few years ago 😛

  14. kuwait market has been brewing the wierdest things the past few weeks. its calmed down a little now, but our market is still very quiet in comparison.

  15. true, still its better than the chaos out west and out east 😛

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