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and i really cant be bothered anymore.

i’ve had it with the bitching and the moaning and all the “arrghhh you moron!” ‘s .

i’ve been rather unpleasant for the past few days and i just cant seem to figure out why.

so i’m just going to put it down to being tired.

there really isnt much these days that excites me here or gets me aggravated enough to get even a little pissed off.

i used to secretly love all the stupidity.

but now it all just seems, rather,…. well stupid.


instead of being just another complaining foreigner i’m actually going to do something about it.

no dont be silly, i’m not going to “make a change” or “make a difference”,… hahaha!

i’ve decided to pack things up.

and pack it in.

i’ve said it before.

the difference now is i’ve decided to actually put a proper timetable on it all.

and the other difference is that now is the first time in years that i can actually put a timetable to something.

come mid november i’ll be reconnoitering my new stomping grounds,…

then come spring, at the latest, hopefully earlier,….

it will be time for the skunk to set up shop in the only city in the world that exists on two seperate continents.

so actually,…. yes,….

i’m just going to go elsewhere to find stuff to bitch and moan about 😛



  1. hmmmmmm

  2. You labeled this one!

  3. Oh it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople, no, it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople .. . Lovely!

  4. ansam: hmm indeed.

    blue: most of the ones from after the move are labelled, its just the others that i couldnt be bothered with labeling 😛

    why the changed it i cant say,
    guess they just liked it better that way,…


    its istanbul not constantinople 😛

  5. Happy Trails, fellow wanderer.

  6. nice, make sure you enjoy whatever your doing man.

  7. always good to make a change. i bloody well want to f*** off to somewhere new and see where the world takes me. im tired too..

  8. *dying laughing, Skunk*

    I hear it’s gotten really expensive?

  9. yeah its not as cheap as before apparently.

    but then places that are too cheap are often a bit dodgy 😛

  10. ri and kaos cheers guys.

    ammaro: then go 😛

  11. I am thinking Australia!

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