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(CNN) — A court in Saudi Arabia increased the punishment for a gang-rape victim after her lawyer won an appeal of the sentence for the rapists, the lawyer told CNN.

The 19-year-old victim was sentenced last year to 90 lashes for meeting with an unrelated male, a former friend from whom she was retrieving photographs. The seven rapists, who abducted the pair, received sentences ranging from 10 months to five years in prison.

The victim’s attorney, Abdulrahman al-Lahim, contested the rapists’ sentence, contending there is a fatwa, or edict under Islamic law, that considers such crimes Hiraba (sinful violent crime) and the punishment should be death.

“After a year, the preliminary court changed the punishment and made it two to nine years for the defendants,” al-Lahim said of the new decision handed down Wednesday. “However, we were shocked that they also changed the victim’s sentence to be six months in prison and 200 lashes.”

you can read the full story here.

where does one start on a story like this?

to begin with, this is nothing more than a prime example of what i was writing about in a previous post ( which you can read here if you really want to).

reading between the lines,….
lets start at the begining,…

first she was sentanced to 90 lashes for meeting with an unrelated male,….

uhhh! the whore!

doesnt she know that the mere presence of an unrelated vagina will turn men into crazy lust filled animals?!

and that the jigglement of unrelated mammary glands will turn “hardened” arab men into sex maniacs?

( yes, yes, pun intended )

cos lets face it, surely, its not the man’s fault that he cant control himself.

infact no man can control himself,…

thats what the judge said by passing the verdict and handing down the sentance. read that again,… a “judge”, presumably someone with indepth legal knowledge and impeccable ethical standards says it was her fault for provoking the rapists.

well if you ever want to rape anyone you know where to do it from now on.

and the court has in effect ruled that men, muslim or otherwise, are weak.

and it doesnt stop there,….

now, her lawyer appealed the case and won. kudos to the judge at the court of appeals!

but, yes, its doesnt quite stop there,…

the appeal was turned over.

the lawyers licence was revoked.

oh and one more thing,….

because she was pissed off at the original sentance of “only” 90 lashes, she went and publicized her case, hoping to get some support for her cause. and because she didnt “just take it like a man” her punishment has now been increased to 200 lashes.

ie: the kingdom is like vegas, what happens in the kingdom stays in the kingdom!

personally i think i would prefer cheating in vegas and getting beaten up by mobsters in the desert, to,… well,….

getting beaten up by mobsters in the desert.


and just in case youre wondering what the punishment looks like, heres a picture from the wonderful holiday destination of Aceh Indonesia,…. only according to the blog this guy only had 40 before they were afraid he went into shock and they took him to hospital:

oy vey,….



  1. Seriously!
    And thats Islamic law?!

  2. barbarians.

  3. Lord have mercy. I saw that story. Double the punishment for going public. It makes me ill.

  4. I have so much to say yet I’m speechless!

  5. yup, yup, yup and yup.

  6. When I read and posted about that story, I raged and fumed.

    Now, I just want to vomit.

  7. This is just insane, the judges are complete idiots and somebody should intervene. Why would the lawyer’s license be revoked, for what reason!

  8. I like taking pics of articles in the newspapers (pics are more interesting than links 3ishtaw) and i took a pic of that article, and wanted to post it all by itself, one long nasty post..

    now I think I’ll just link it to here.. Great writing..

    About the assholes in the article: ASSHOLES!…

  9. ri: lol yeah i was gonna say.

    marzouq: welcome,… and who the hell knows why,… something about the judge and the lawyer had a pissfest in the court room.

    swair: cheers swair,… but do write your long nasty post, the more of em out there the better.

    and thanks to BIE, and anyone else for linking me and sending mucho traffic my way 😛

  10. if i were her, i’d run away from that fucked up backwards country and never look back. the western media would love that story.

  11. WHAT ! WHY ? WHY WOULD ANY HUMMAN WITH EMOTIONS, FULL BRAIN THAT FUNCTION ETC .. I’m speechless its too barbaric. I say flight away 4rom that hell. Yes I know there is consequences for crime or whtever, but like this !


  13. thats sad :/

  14. yeah i dont know how people could stay there, but then agian it is their own country with their own government,…

    and as the saying goes, people get the leaders/government they deserve.

    which is indeed very sad.

  15. well, in a community where teddy bear names can cause jail sentences/deportation and cartoons can cause riots and burnings, what more do you expect? i wish the country serious reforms, very soon. its a completely twisted face of islam that has become so warped it doesnt even represent the religon any more

  16. i couldnt agree with you more ammaro.

  17. And justice for all ? God have mercy !

  18. ooh that metallica album cover would have been perfect for this post

  19. I want to ask question to all.

    if any body rape your sister? what would u do if you found the guy?

    will u say its okay? go ahead ?

    or u forgive
    or u give such planety that no body do that again.

    you christian never understand the good Law of our God.

  20. you miss the point joseph.

    read the story again and then tell me, if someone rape your sister would you then punish her?

    thats what we dont understand.

    and i’m not christian 😀

  21. These Arabs are the most vile parasites befouling our Earth. They seek to enslave all non-Arab or non Wahabbi.
    I hope this poor woman’s lesson is a reminder to all Indonesians to never forget the slave-trading of the Arab.
    The Arab was far worse than the Dutch.
    Pribumisasi Indonesia.

  22. hmmm i wasnt aware of the slave trading, i’ll have to look into it.

    and actually its not really an arab thing,… its a radical religious thing really, which transcends borders. that picture for example is from indonesia, done by their own people.

  23. if my sister went of with someone ..i’ll punish her .. if the girl didn’t go with the unrelated man ( like what god said ) ..then nothing of this happened in the first place ,,, they punishing her for going out with him … not for getting raped … and the rapest while in prison .. they will get thair own share of lashes …

  24. so you would punish your sister for seeing a man by raping her with your friends?

    punishment is one thing, but what these retards did can in no way be explained or excused.

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