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since i tend to go into holiday mode when i fly, even if its for business, i figured this would be a good way for me to keep track of the important stuff i need to do.

so heres a note to self.

hey skunk, dont forget:

– you have a Lasik appointment on the 28th. hopefully they’ll say its ok to stick a laser in your eyes. if all systems are go and its done onthe 28th then you’ll have a follow up on the 29th.

– you have to pass by the istanbul stock exchange and ask about the international market, the isx free zone as a base of operations for your company and the effects of taxes on your profits. also ask about what happened during the new currency introduction. and walk around emirgan.

– dont forget to pass by the fish and vegetable markets. if youre living there you probably wont be shopping at the tesco/carrefour all the time.

– have a look at some real estate outside the city. there should be a list of towns in your phone by the time you leave.

– pay attention to the traffic, it cant be that much worse than here.

– head down to beygolu one day and talk to someone about the music scene. best time might be on the weekend, and look for weirdly dressed peoples cos theyre always fun to talk to.

– visit some banks and ask about the green dollar.

– eat eat eat eat. look for really shitty looking joints and try not to get dysentry.

well, theres not much more else that i absolutely must do. the typical tourist sites can wait, and all these things gives me something to do every day, with a nice wide margin for error or the last minute spontaneous “jump on a bus without knowing where its going”.

i will most definately be blogging from there so until the 27th i bid you farewell.



One Comment

  1. hehe! sounds like a cool to-do list.

    Have fun 😉

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