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the one thing that alot of people overlooked while reading about this story, and i admit i overlooked it too, is that the girl and her male companion who wasnt her relative were both kidnapped,….

and “both” of them were gang raped.


hmmm so heres how i see it,….

girl meets boy to get pics.

gang somehow hears about this,..

gang consider it to be illegal, an act of great shame, and punishable by the wrath of god.

so they decide to be said wrath of god and:

a) kidnap both of them – illegal, an act of crime, punishable by the wrath of god.

b) rape the girl –  illegal, an act of crime, punishable by the wrath of god.

and by far the most mind boggling bit,…

c) rape the guy – illegal, an act of crime, punishable by the wrath of god in a big big way since homosexuality is a big no-no in just about any of the major relgions. probably one of the biggest no-no’s out there.

so appart from the fact that yes they obviously were men of minature mental capacity,….

and they were obviously on some righteous religious crusade,…

well, heres my question,….

and mind you i’ve heard this said in other circles so i’m wondering about your opinion,….

is it the case that its only an act of homosexuality,…..

and youre only considered homosexual,…..

if you are the one penetrated and not the one doing the penetrating ?

is that why you hear of so many cases of guys getting raped in this region?

cos they think it doesnt make them officially gay?

boggles the mind it does.



  1. civilized actions by uncivilized people or what?

    Its not Islamic sharia, its more of tailored sharia!

    This goes for this incident where a rape victim get lashed because she reported it, women no driving rule…!!

    What now? Rape victims will think twice before speaking out! SHAME!

  2. Skunk,
    You know what I think.

    “What now? Rape victims will think twice before speaking out! SHAME!”
    NOW? Rape victims have always thought more than twice before reporting to the police or to anyone. It’s a fact that our society doesn’t want to face.

  3. yup victims have always feared speaking out and this just makes things worse.

    great PR for saudi tho 😀

  4. not just in our society! but I guess what I meant now that she came forward and made it worse it will really not help other rape victims to follow in her lead!

  5. Popular myth here: you’re only gay if you’re a “taker” not a “giver”. It’s insane. And even though homosexuality should be presumably the biggest no-no of them all, society is actually willing to bend the rules there when it comes to men (and sorry to generalise but this is mainly amongst the Arabs) thinking it a ‘phase’ a boy goes through but he’ll soon grow out of it, marry and procreate..

  6. lol so its considered “a phase”?

    i dont know why but i find that really funny 😛

  7. No no no!
    The funniest thing here is the donut!
    Looks like one of those Crispy Cream we had 😛

    No guys commenting?

  8. “Krispy Kreme”

    the guys must be busy getting their donuts glazed 😛

  9. Boggle boggle boggle boggle boggle *stuck in a boggle-warp*

  10. I’ve boggled on this subject for a while Skunk. Truly a strange phenomenon.

    Still, it’s better to give than to receive they say.

  11. hahaha!

    dammit i forgot that i read that post of yours a while ago. thanks for brin ging it back to my attention dude.

  12. Damn. I love that picture and this post still creases me up. I’ve had to link it with a blog called “Ironic homosexuality” via my own blog, which incidentally is now the number one search on google when you type in the words “Shit Kuwait

    There’s something to be proud of.

    Maybe it’s just a phase I’m going through…

  13. If only more people would hear this!

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