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picture time!


all of the pictures below were shot on my new superduper Nokia N95 8GB with its 5 megapixel camera with carl zeiss optics. i havent done anything to the photos apart from shrink them in size from a full 5 meg original pic.

lets start with where my last post ended picture wise. that was Istiklal street during the afternoon, on a weekday.

heres a repost of the pic:


pretty busy right?

rather crowded?

well,…..this is taksim on a friday night. by the way, their weekends are saturday/sunday.


and bear in mind, that a) you cant see where the people end because b) this street is 3-4 kilometers or so long, and its just as crowded from start to end. actually it tends to be more crowded at the ends since people loiter. turks love to loiter 😛

basically this street is where you get all your levis, next, quicksliver, blah,blah,blah, shops,….. the kind you see in every city or every mall,…. like this one:


this is Cevahir mall, the largest mall in europe and supposedly the second largest in the world after the one in the US. oh and Kuwait Investment Authority bought it a while ago.

at one end of Istiklal street, it turns into beyoglu, i think. anyway its where the hill goes down an there are music instrument shops everywhere. of course i forgot to take a picture of them but instead took one of the cafe outside which i ate a turkish shawerma:


remember the first picture?

well this is down an alley off of Istiklal street:


just about everything here is local made i think, and just about everything costs 10 YTL ( new turkish lira) which right now is the equivalent to US$10. so yeah some things are still cheap like clothes that are locally made since turkey has a massive textile industry. and chances are if you look in your cupboard you’ll find a couple of things made in turkey even tho they carry a big designer name.

so is the stuff in this alley way “stuff that fell off the back of a truck” ?

does it really matter ?


anyway, if youre after odd quirky and relatively cheaper everyday clothes then dont stay on istkilal, scoot down one of the many alleyways and i think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

this is down another alley way:


it may look crappy, and it probably is, but since its just off Istiklal it sure aint cheap.

and no its not the ghetto.

this is:


or rather one building in the ghetto.

its called Tarlabasi, and its dangerous and populated by pimps, hookers, and junkies.

of course i didnt know this at the time, but atleast pimps, hookers and junkies tend to sleep late on sunday mornings so i didnt have any trouble 😛

the interesting thing is that tarlabasi runs parallel to Istiklal street.

this is tarbalasi avenue:


so picture this.

the abandonded building is behind me as i’m taking this picture.

and Istiklal street is just across the road and up a little hill.

ahhh i cant wait to get back there!



and i normally dont fall in love with inanimate objects,…. but i really do love my new phone 😀



  1. Oh Skunk, waaaayyyyy cool!

    I love the proportions of the building in Tarlabasi – can you see? Those long narrow windows – each floor with high ceilings? Any chance of gentrifying the area 🙂 ?

    GREAT shots. Thank you for posting them. What a great meeting point of east and west. . .

  2. haha we think alike! thats exactly what i was thinking when i say the place. and this is just one of a bunch of them.

    apparently the problem is that since its old and “protected” you need special permits to renovate them, and renovations can only happen with specialist craftsmen to preserve the area’s chracter. so many owners simply dont do it cos its too expensive, and apparently with some buildings you simply cant find the owners, so theyre full of squatters and other loverly people.

    but it will happen one day, when someone with enough money goes in that the government decide to change their rules 😛

  3. cool post.. I like your snaps keep’em coming

  4. seems exciting!

  5. cheers you two

  6. wow

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