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i’m taking the rest of the year off and the first week of the new year, so merry christmas and happy new year to everyone who takes the time toΒ  pass by and comment on my verbal diarrhea.

one thing before i go tho,…

i normally spend this time of year looking back and i think this is the first year that i’m actually really happy about what i’ve done, the people i’ve met and the adventures i’ve been on, as few as they might have been this year.

i’ve set up my own little company in a far away island, so now i’m officially one of those evil finance pirates that you read about in the papers >:D

and since the markets everywhere look as sick as a sick man on a sick day in the city of flu-ville, well it looks like there will be alot of bargains to be had which should keep me very busy next year. if anyones ever thought of investing then dont let the media scare you off, nows a better time to get a great deal than before and anyone who says otherwise is probably just another “professional” πŸ˜›

i hope you guys have enjoyed the ride.

2008 looks like its going to be an even better year,….

theres probably going to be more adventures than usual since i’ve decided that i’ll be shifting to istanbul for a few months to see what its like really living there as opposed to being a tourist.

it may mean that i’ll have to move blogs back to blogger as wordpress is blocked there but when and if that happens i’ll let everyone know. or perhaps i’ll just put this one on hiatus and start a new one, i dunno, havent decided yet.

anyway, time to catch my flight so merry christmas and a happy new year everyone!



  1. Eid Mubarak
    Merry Christmas
    Happy New Year
    Happy Hanukkah

  2. πŸ˜€

  3. Happy Holidays Skunk πŸ˜€

  4. happy holidays to you guys as well πŸ˜€

  5. I hope you are having a great time, Skunk.

  6. Hi there,
    I cam acroos your comment at ( and find it quite interesting.
    You said that we can’t let scholars who interpret Quraan control our minds.
    I never disagreed to this a few months ago. Now that I’ve started reading a lot, I realised that there are many differences among scholars, other issues with Hadith, social pressures deciding religious questions .. etc.
    I have to tell you that my life has recently turned into a total mess.

    My question to you now: What do you do when you have a question regarding religion?

    To give you an example:
    I started reading about Hijab. Understood no direct command in Quraan. 1/some (majority) of scholars interpret the veil verses as stating obligation. Many of them say that covering the face is a ‘fard’
    2/others say that it’s not obligatory, interpreting the same verses differently. Many even argue that supporting Hadiths are not strong enough and can’t stand to the level of making something obligatory.

    I have other questions similar to this and really don’t have a clue where to go or who to ask?

    p.s.: I hope you moderate your comments πŸ™‚

  7. hi N,

    thanks for dropping by my blog.

    well to kind of answer your first question, i dont actually belong to any religion so perhaps i’m the wrong person to ask regarding your religion.

    then again i have never been a part of any religion unlike many other born again atheists so perhaps i have less baggage?

    my view is simply this,…if you follow a religion and believe that the holy books were sent to you from up above,…and you can read them, unlike many who couldnt read thousands of years ago, then surely gods commands were put into writing for you to read and interpret yourself.

    definately read what “learned scholars” have to say, but use them to form your own opinion. the problem is that scholars are at the end of the day only human, and humans succumb to the trappings of authority and power which in turn messes up their honesty. not that theyre intentionally lieing,…

    the best thing to do is what you seem to have been doing,…. do your homework and research, then make a decision that you can sleep with at night. just make sure youre doing something for reasons that are your own, for example, you are wearing the hijab because you truelly believe, or that you decide not to wear it cos you truelly believe god didnt ask for it.

    the worst thing is doing something because other people say you should, or because it would cause less stress in your life to compromise.

    and to answer your last question,… ask yourself. consult with your own mind and conscience after doing your homework.

    i hope that helps in some way, and feel free to ask questions here as well. i could turn them into a post and see what my readers think. i dont have many readers, but the regulars i do have are some of the smartest people i know out there.

    and since they range from the devout to the athiest they might have some interesting things to say.

  8. Happy New Year Skunkzzzzzz πŸ˜€

  9. happy new year kinano πŸ˜€

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