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Monthly Archives: January 2008

the global market numbers from ONLY today, monday the 21st january.

more from CNN:

“London’s FTSE 100 Index down 5.5 percent at 5,578.20;

CAC-40 in Paris down 6.8 percent to 4,744.15;

Frankfurt’s DAX dropping 7.2 percent to 6,790.19.

In Japan, the benchmark Nikkei 225 index closed on 13,325.954 points, a slide of 3.9 percent and its biggest dip in two years.

Shanghai’s Composite index fell 5.1 percent.

Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index suffered its largest percentage drop since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 when it fell 5.5 percent to 23,818.86 points.

India’s Sensex stock index fell nearly 1,353 points or 11 percent — its second biggest percentage drop ever — to 17,605.35 points before recovering to 7.4 percent.

The Toronto Stock Exchange opened more than four percent down, falling by 543.13 points to 12,193.13 and taking around US $68 billion off the market’s value. A drop of 6.6 percent last week wiped out gains made by the market last year.

Mexico tumbled by 4.77 percent on opening

Argentina and Brazil fell by 4.64 percent and 6 percent respectively.

The Dow Jones industrial average, which was not trading Monday, finished Friday 0.5 percent down at 12,099.30.

It has now lost more than 8 percent of its value since the year began.”

me thinks it will be time for the skunk to go shopping overseas soon >:D


why should you care?

if you get anything from your government, like a salary, or a pension,…

or if youre insured for like health, life, home insurance, car insurance etc,….

then the market is where your money is.

its where your insurance company keeps your cash, its where your government’s fund for future generations keeps its cash, its where your company’s investment division invests your pension, and more importantly, your company’s investment department is the most important bit of the company that you work for, so if theyre not having a good time, chances are that their crap time will trickle down to you sooner or later.

the market is even where your bank is keeping your money. its not sitting in cash in a little vault in the nbk basement,…. its already virtual, and its virtually not there, but in the market “trying” to make a return so that they can pay you the interest they owe you.

doesnt seem like a bunch of silly numbers now does it ?


so what did we mostly do in france when i went to visit blue?

what else would anyone do in france but eat?!

yeah, yeah, churches, museums and countryside aside,…. i’m pretty sure that the previous 2 times i visited paris i put on atleast a couple of pounds.

so i landed on christmas eve and the first thing we did was,…. go shopping for food!

blue had already ordered a big ass roast chicken. not that the chicken had an especially big ass,…. it was just pretty big, and stuffed with its guts and chestnuts i think.

it smelled so damn good that we forgot to take pictures of the bird until after i had carved it up:


and heres a close up,…. its a bit blurry cos blue has a habit of focusing the camera, clicking it to take a picture,…. and then immediately jumping up and down in celebration of the picture being taken,…… so yeah do all that with a digital camera and you get blurry shots:


but you can tell how juicy the chicken was. and that sauce isnt gravy,…. its the liquid from the chicken itself,….. which we kept to use in other stuff like pasta and a potato gratin on new years eve. and thats a bit of the stuffing next to the drumstick.

and for dessert:


the bestest everest christmas log ever!

it was made up of a light chocolate mousse type thing with pralines and bits of dark chocolate everywhere.

the french even have a nicer way of naming their food. in english its a “log” as in a log of wood. and i’m sure you’ll agree that the word “log” is not one of the more appetising sounding of words. in french however, it sounds much nicer,… i’ll probably spell it wrong,… but its pronounced “boosh”. it rhymes with nike swoosh and fatoosh.

on to eating new years,….


this was our appetiser:

the dish at the top of the picture was a seafood cake thing, kinda like a crab cake but 100 times better. it was topped with a crab flavoured mousse and finished off with a seafood stock sauce and a scallop on a toothpick.

the second dish in the middle was blues own creation. it was fois gras ( fat ducks liver) on little brioche bread. blues twist was to add a dollop of roe (fish eggs) on top. now i know that sounds odd, but the contrast between the fatty fois gras and the sharp roe makes it work perfectly!

the third dish was probably one of the best things i have ever tasted,…. it was a shrimp cake/mousse type thing again,…. but more shrimpy and less fishy than the first one. it was topped with another thicker mousse of the same type, but infused with saffron,…. and it was all finished off with a wonderfully thick seafood saffron sauce and a shrimp on the toothpick.

oh and underneath the dishes, you’ll see 2 brown boxes of chocolates and a packet of what looks like crack cocaine in this picture. not crack but something better and more addictive,….. orange flavoured chocolate truffles, complete with grated orange rind bits that you can taste!

mmmmm,…. this post has made my mouth water!

there was also sushi and a potato gratin but again,… we ate it before realising we hadnt taken any pictures 😛

but we didnt just eat. we did see stuff like churches,…. and ate freshly picked clementines on the steps,… and we visited a little fortress town,… and the bakery and restaraunt in the fortress town,… and we did a bit of shopping,… while eating crepes and waffles,….

ok so we pretty much ate all the time,…. 😛

heres a countryside picture without any food in it for you to enjoy:


i was probably looking for some bush to pee behind.


edit: apparently blue has more pictures of the food so i’ll be updating this, as and when i get them.

i’m trying not to start this post off with a “happy new year!”, but i cant think of anything else to write right about now.


Happy New Year!

so its been a while, but in the time between this post and the last i have:

flown on six different planes.

landed and took off from 4 different airports.

almost stepped into dogshit on several pavements / sidewalks.

learned the layout of IKEA by heart.

i found out that airport security makes your 2 year old kid walk thru the metal detector herself,… no the kid doesnt belong to me, neither did i kidnap anyone elses. her and her sister and her mum were sitting next to me on one of the 6 airplanes.

i also learned that 2 year olds will see their mum on the other side of the metal detector,….. and then decide to run the other way,…. so glad i wasnt the mother especially since they were getting on another plane going on a 12 hour flight 😛

i found out how scary i sound when i grind my teeth at night.

i learned to put up curtains.

i ate oysters in a restaraunt in a town inside a medieval fort. how cool is that sentance ? 😛

i ran atleast 4 red lights cos i didnt think that there should be traffic lights in those places so i didnt see them.

i learned that gay dudes in clothing shops know what theyre talking about and that i shouldnt be offended when:

i decide to get a new jacket

he asks me what size i am

i say i dont know

then he suggests an extra large

and i start to wonder if i really look that fat.

turns out he was right and i happen to be an extra large in france which isnt really that large since my jeans are a size 34 ( inches i think). i pity the really fat people there cos on the one hand they cant shop in the nicer places, and on the other, theres just soooo much good food to be eaten there!

i learned that i should check to make sure that the cake i’m buying is actually “cake” or a type of icecream cake, cos if you dont know, chances are, a couple of hours later, you’ll be pouring it out of the box and onto a plate in the hope of refreezing it to slavage your dessert.

i found out that fatty duck liver and fish eggs go well together,…. i mean fois gras and salmon roe 😛

i learned that a rooster is actually a pretty damn big bird.

and last but definitely the most important thing,……

glitter gets everywhere and is a pain to get rid of. just today i noticed one of my shirts strangely “shimmering” in the sunlight.

as a guy in the middle east, “shimmering” anything is not a good look unless you plan on starting a career in the male sex industry.

thats about it for now, it’ll be the year of the rat in a couple of weeks so i’ll be wishing you guys a happy new year then too 😛