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the global market numbers from ONLY today, monday the 21st january.

more from CNN:

“London’s FTSE 100 Index down 5.5 percent at 5,578.20;

CAC-40 in Paris down 6.8 percent to 4,744.15;

Frankfurt’s DAX dropping 7.2 percent to 6,790.19.

In Japan, the benchmark Nikkei 225 index closed on 13,325.954 points, a slide of 3.9 percent and its biggest dip in two years.

Shanghai’s Composite index fell 5.1 percent.

Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index suffered its largest percentage drop since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 when it fell 5.5 percent to 23,818.86 points.

India’s Sensex stock index fell nearly 1,353 points or 11 percent — its second biggest percentage drop ever — to 17,605.35 points before recovering to 7.4 percent.

The Toronto Stock Exchange opened more than four percent down, falling by 543.13 points to 12,193.13 and taking around US $68 billion off the market’s value. A drop of 6.6 percent last week wiped out gains made by the market last year.

Mexico tumbled by 4.77 percent on opening

Argentina and Brazil fell by 4.64 percent and 6 percent respectively.

The Dow Jones industrial average, which was not trading Monday, finished Friday 0.5 percent down at 12,099.30.

It has now lost more than 8 percent of its value since the year began.”

me thinks it will be time for the skunk to go shopping overseas soon >:D


why should you care?

if you get anything from your government, like a salary, or a pension,…

or if youre insured for like health, life, home insurance, car insurance etc,….

then the market is where your money is.

its where your insurance company keeps your cash, its where your government’s fund for future generations keeps its cash, its where your company’s investment division invests your pension, and more importantly, your company’s investment department is the most important bit of the company that you work for, so if theyre not having a good time, chances are that their crap time will trickle down to you sooner or later.

the market is even where your bank is keeping your money. its not sitting in cash in a little vault in the nbk basement,…. its already virtual, and its virtually not there, but in the market “trying” to make a return so that they can pay you the interest they owe you.

doesnt seem like a bunch of silly numbers now does it ?



  1. Its the penguins!

  2. those damn penguins!

  3. I posted a link with some interesting links… you may want to check’em out 😉

  4. i did 😛

  5. Time to go shopping!

  6. i did 😀

    did you?

  7. I did

  8. haha, oh hell yeah, time to go shopping… oh lol…

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