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i love the market,….

infact i love just about any kind of market, so one dusty friday morning at the fish market in kuwait city:


the dude in the corner,…. i thought he was gonna move out the way, but he kept standing where he was so i just snapped away 😛

business idea: you know those booties that you have to wear to go into an operating room in the hospital? those little blue things?

someone needs to put a dispensing machine at the entrance. charge 20 fils and i reckon youd make a killing 😛

oh and isnt there a ban on shrimps at the market and a general ban on shrimping in kuwaiti waters?


they must have scared the shrimps into international waters and then caught them 😛

KD2 a kilo!

but if you haggle a bit you can bag them for KD1.750 😛


i cant wait to get them inthe pot!

the shrimp are medium sized ones,… but fat and fresh medium sized ones, all their heads were solidly on and their bodies firm to the touch. get em while you can!

the crabs are upside down so you can check for freshness underneath,….. and you can pick te ones with eggs if thats your thing.



and heres a slightly odd mural:

the fishies’s version of water torture, or in their case no-water torture?


the shrimp appear to be the thugs of the smaller fish on the left.

i heard that the fat fish that theyre tortureing hasnt paid his weekly protection money to the smaller fish. see a slight hint of a smile on his face? and the big fish obviously doesnt look lik hes having fun.

and who apparently the butcher of bagdad ( ol saddam) got his training at this market 😛 :


come on the likeness is uncanny 😛



  1. Oh god I’m STARVING! This is awesome, all those shrimps! What are you making?

  2. reckon, thugs, uncanny?

    These shrimps are huge! Aren’t they supposed to be pink?

    It says: سمك ايراني
    Iranian fish, that’s why! 2KD is a reasonable price for Iranian shrimp.


    He looks more like a Bidwin to me! Did I spell that one right?

    Didn’t they have Tuna?

    Oh and you forgot to take a picture of Zbaidy 😦

  3. june: i grilled some lil fish 😛
    the shrimps are for tomorrow perhaps.


    reckon, done before you need to remember 😛
    thugs, people who work for the big bad boss.
    uncanny, amazingly

    ahh its irani, so they did scare them over the international waters 😛

    i didnt think about the tuna. i cant remeber if they were there.

    the zubaidy were everywhere. theyre too common 😛

  4. acutally the tuna is in the pic up there in the 5th picture. its a smaller type.

  5. Blue the shrimp turn orange/pink when they are cooked 😛

    I like that market too

    I once took my friend with me to take some snaps out of the blues and just for fun… she couldnt make it to the doors… she was gonna throw up from the smell! LOL poor girl we left and headed to soug sharg instead

  6. hahaha yeah blue could hardly keep her breakfast down the last time she was here and we went to the fish market in souq sharg.

    i think this place is smaller so the smell is much more concentrated 😛

  7. Ansam,
    Are you sure? I can still picture my Mother cleaning them and they were pinkish!

    I think that the guy whose supposed to sell those plastic booties should sell masks as well 😛

  8. The pink is caused by a carotene pigments so when shrimps are in their shells, the carotene pigments combines with protein. Instead of reflecting pink, the shell can display a variety of colors. So cooking breaks down the protein and release the pigments

  9. Yes! I know I sounded like a nerd… so how about I just say this…. Some are orange/pink and some turn orange/pink when cooked… take it from me, I am into cooking and stuff 😛 hehehe


  10. fishy post 😛

    I hate fish and cant survive the smell. Fish Market is my Gas Chamber.

  11. ansam: thanks for the very informative and slightly nerdy comment 😛

    kinano: lol remind me of that if youre ever convicted of a crime 😛

  12. skunky! lets take Kiano on a mission “to find Nemo”!

  13. haha!

    you bring the rope and i’ll figure out what we can use to keep his nostrils open 😛

  14. Its simple! Duct tape

  15. Those photos are amazingly sharp. I’m always too shy to shoot in the fish market. Well done, Skunk!

    BTW, a couple years ago, I think I remember the market was shut down tight on Friday mornings, and now, everything is open. When did this change?

  16. ansam : hahaha! i’ll be down to ace to get the goodstuff then 😛

    xpatr: thanks xpatr! my phone’s camera continues to amaze me with its quality. and these are scaled down from the originals from the phone.

    as far as i know the market has always been open on fridays. you must have caught it on an odd day off maybe? or maybe you went during the prayers?

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