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infoconnect 2008,…. much like 07’s, was rather disappointing,…..

until i saw this:



lucky for me they came back around again:


but they didnt stay long,…..

and just as quickly as their little segways could take them, they rode off into the fluorescent light bulbed sunset once again.


butch cassidy and the sundance kid couldnt hold a candle to these two šŸ˜›



  1. LOL thats a FAT A$$


  3. I know that the title is supposed to be funny but since I don’t know what you’re referring to…

    I should get me one of these šŸ˜›

    Can our police get any lazier and fatter?

    Nice pictures by the way?

    You forgot to show me the Sony Vaio šŸ˜›

  4. ansam: it is rather large.

    ri: lolololololol!

    maybe we should start a LOLCOPS website?

    blue: it refers to an old cowboy film about these two partners. you’ll have to watch it cos its one of those classic movies.

    there is one thats adapted to you can sit. i’ll try and find it on google.

    the vaio pictures were jsut of the bottom so i could get the serial number but it was out of focus.

  5. LOLCOPS indeed!

    Starsky & Hutch are rolling in their graves!!!

  6. hehehe, i’m quite liking the lolcops idea šŸ˜›

  7. this cop doesnt stop for dougnuts


  9. I love it, LOLCOPS! But with the new MInistry of Blogwatch, I guess that’s not gonna fly in Kuwait.

  10. amer: lol!

    ansam: šŸ˜›

    xpatr: true,…. and of course it shouldnt! cos they should be held in awe and honour!

    ( incase theyre already watching šŸ˜ )


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