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Ladies and gentlemen,….

what better way to commemorate this auspicious occasion than to provide you with a whingeing foreigner’s perspective on the state of this little nation. while it certainly isnt my place to tell you how to run your country, perhaps this little monologue will open your eyes to some things that you didnt know before, or perhaps it will drive you to grab your balls and go do something about it all.

hopefully it wont discourage you to the point that you all just give up.

it shouldnt,… because over in the left corner, just outside of your peripheral vision is a faint light that if given half a chance, will envelope the darkness that threatens to descend, not only over this nation, but over this region as a whole.

in the year that has passed since the last time the boys spraying shaving foam on the girls were in turn sprayed with hair removal foam by some very innovative girls,…..

we have seen that the vast majority of this nation will not move their ass unless it is to demand that the government is not being nice enough. while in the company of foreigners, the locals will enthusiastically disown those seeking stupiddecisionmaking relief ( aka loan write off ), only to turn around and say ” yeah why are we giving so much to africa when there are people here suffering cos they cant pay for their mercedes? its just not fair!” in the company of their own kind.

too many are too willing to mortgage their nations future just to show the neighbours how rich they would like to appear. too many are too willing to mortgage the financial future of their grandchildren just to be able to say they have heated seats in their car…… yes they do still market heated seats here in the desert.

we have seen the issue of segregation rise up once again.

in a time when your government is being proactive in making this desert more hospitable to foreigners by reducing taxes on foreign corporations, and by eliminating taxes completely on profits generated on the stock market by foreigners,…. with the hope of attracting more foreign businesses and the staff they will bring, the MP’s that you have elected are sending the opposite message, blaming all of society’s problems on “alien influences” and MTV.

while most of your parents might have been too afraid to speak up for fear of being ostracised by the beardies, they come from another time and theyre dealing with enough as it is. they have done their best to give you the nation that you see before you. most didnt have the benefit of mass media and the web with which to broaden their horizons.

what you decide to hand to your kids will be determined by what you do now.

or by what you dont do, as the case may be.

let the beardies have their way and pregnant women with male and female foetus’s will be segregated in seperate wards for fear of corrupting each other. male and female pigeons cavorting in the squares downtown during springtime will be monitored by the beardies, who will then proceed to ban them for fear of corrupting the little children who go an feed them.

personally, full on kingdom type segregation would be great for me,…. since i’m out of here in about 3 months, it wont really matter, except for the fact that the construction industry will boom if completely new buildings are required for segregated schools, ministries and malls.

the shares that i own will be making sooo much stupid money it will be ridiculous.

bring on road segregation too! new lanes with massive concrete barriers since we all know just how much flirting goes on on the highways here!

what more of a stock tip could you ask for if the beardies get their way?

on the last negative front, there is the issue of the expats here.

as disappointed as i may be in the behaviour of the locals, the recent behaviour of the expats is even more depressing.

if you let a local pass in front of you, very few of us expect a wave of thank you.

some did.

there was a time when expats always said thank you.

that time has saddly gone.


because there is a growning number of 3rd and 4th generation of expats. many of them grew up here, and have come to call it home. but with that they absorb the customs and traditions they see around them. and humans much like monkeys will tend to emulate the “bad fun stuff” first.

take a walk in the residentail areas of farwaniya, hawally and salmiya and you will find mercs and bmw’s in abundance.


cos the banks have been given the go ahead to lend to foreigners. and the expats are taking the bait, hook, line and sinker. just like the locals, they have mortgaged the next 5 years of their lives. there is no longer a dream to work forward to since youre actually working for whoever you bought your car from and for your bank.

and no it doesnt matter that you have a Dr in front of your name, or if you came from a fancy college somewhere else,… none of that matters anymore,… cos after years of building your net worth, your new bmw has now put you into the category of debtor.

and as a brand new debtor, you are not entitled to dreams,…. atleast not until you’ve cleared your debt.

many expats have simply given up and have resigned themselves to spending the rest of their lives as worse than second class citizens. but if theyre happy about it then who am i to say anything?


for as i said, there is a slight glimmer of hope, way, way over there in the distance.

there are a few voices who have called society’s bluff. the anti-segregation rally last week for example. kudos to them for calling bullshit on what normally comes out of the mouths of politicians and politically minded beardies,… ie bullshit.

if you, the youngers, dont want a mutaween patrol, then seek the anti-segregationists out and lend them your support. your numbers will grow for your cause is just!

remember, just cos dude has a beard doesnt mean he knows what he’s talking about.

on the issue of the write off too, more and more voices are coming forth.

but people rarely listen to you when you tell them theyre being stupid.

perhaps over time more voices will join the few who have every right to be pissed off at their fellow countrymen. perhaps those without loans will rally against those so eager to declare their personal bankruptcy.

perhaps every car should have big LED’s on the side telling everyone how much the person owes instead of plates telling everyone where they live.

perhaps the next time you see a guy in a superduper car, you wont go


but rather

” damn your ass broke! and you have a small weiner complex!”

unless you know the dude is loaded, in which case he just has a small weiner complex.

there are those returning from overseas who will lead this nation, hopefully in the right direction. the injection of fresh blood is evident from the large numbers of new types of businesses opening up. no longer are the younger 20 somethings satisfied with just another ministry job.

to them i raise my glass and say carry on!

there are those who stayed here, who have had enough, and who dont want their kids to be raised in the same stifleing environment that they endured.

to them too i raise my glass and say cary on being pissed off, you have every right!

to the puss oozing cancerous tumors on the ass of society i too say carry on!

for if it were not for you, then the few good amongst you would not have gotten angry enough, or pissed off enough to come out and stand for something.

its been an interesting year, and here’s to another weird and bizarre 12 months till the next time.



  1. I found your site on google blog search and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. Just added your RSS feed to my feed reader. Look forward to reading more from you.

    – Jason.

  2. brilliant!

  3. To you, I raise my glass and say “I hope they’re listening.”


  4. One of the things I don’t think people are paying attention to is that segregating schools leads to an increasingly segregated society, including the workplace. If women think they are going to want to work, they will find their options severely limited once strict segregationists start forcing society to conform to their ideas of what is right and proper.

    Exciting times ,eh, Skunk?

  5. As much as I loved reading this post and I know I must reread it. I think you’re wasting your time. And I don’t think there’s the slightest hope for them. Yes I say them, cause even if I used to think like Kuwaitis, I barely have anything in common with them now.
    By the way, loved the picture πŸ˜›

  6. cp: thank you, and what the hell happened to you?

    ri: cheers.

    xpatr: true xpatr! many fail to realise that this will go further than just the schools. they will never be satisfied since theyre not after a higher purpose but rather the high that comes from continual public support and a sense of self righteousness. in the wrong hands, history tells us exactly what happens.

    BIE: granted many are a lost cause, but there are a few who are doing something about it,… time will tell if they succeed or just get swept out by the tide.

  7. stopped blogging :P~ but I read both your blog and xpatr’s blogs religiously πŸ™‚

  8. Hurray for this post and I raise my glass to you once again Skunk. A fine summary of the idiocy that seems to go on in that place, where people with too much money seem to daily be looking for ways to fritter it away. You’re absolutely right that the ex-pats who go there just seem to settle for being second class citizens when the price is right.

    Reading your blog always makes me smile, and although you always put a great slant on it, I always feel I’ve made the right decision to leave. Here’s to another post that makes me feel that way.

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