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in an article in the local papers last week, al saadoun said:

” it takes alot of effort to turn a temporary country into a permanent one”

so the dude sees it as temporary now.

i wonder, what does he know that we dont?

perhaps not much?

perhaps he just knows his people better than they know themselves?



  1. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps…

  2. He’s known to be pessimist.. That’s why he is right 90% of the time!

  3. I keep checking in because I am waiting to see what you have to say about the current financial turbulence. I have been betting you use the “o” word!

  4. perhaps,…

    lol bu ziyad!

    hey xpatr, yeah i been meaning to write a lil something about it but there so much to cover that its hard to figure out where to start.

    something will be on its way inthe next few days 😛

  5. Start big – like our interconnectedness. Drive down, and end with how as individuals we have to do our own research, not follow the herd and that is something is too good to be true, you really really really have to do your research!

  6. Did you see this?

    “Global Investment House has announced its intentions to expand into Turkey. A representative office will be opened to look for brokerage and financial investments within the Turkish market. Global is currently trading on the Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) at KD 1.100”

  7. I miss “Universal Truth” posts!

    How about this for example…

    Its almost impossible to describe the smell of a wet cat!

  8. xpatr: yup i saw that 😛 its good to know i’m well ahead of the “suits” 😛

    ansam: hahaha so so true.

    my apologies for not posting much recently, i’ve been pretty busy on a new music project that could actually be quite interesting:

    homegrown pirate radio podcast!

    but first things first, i’ll be writing up a lil market thing as xpatr requested.

  9. I can’t help myself Sknk. Even after 3 years away from the country I still have a hatred for Kuwait that borders on the irrational.

    Surely I must be able to seek help to put this behind me…

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