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Monthly Archives: April 2008

1- With news of a global rise in food prices, riots because of said food prices, oil hitting even higher highs, a schizophrenic media who one week decides so and so is going to win and the subprime thing is over,… while the next week its someone else who’s got it locked down and the subprime thing is getting worse,……

doesnt it feel like the intro to a sci-fi movie about a bleak not too distant future?

if you havent seen it, dont read about it, just go out and rent it.

i’m betting on a remake coming soon if the world carries on as it does.

2- I am revising my opinion which i wrote about in the “skunk’s state of the nation” post a few months ago. and you may be surprised to learn that i’m actually optimistic for a change:

yes there have been a whole bunch of arrests of people holding primaries, and yes the papers have been full of pictures of demolished diwaniyas, dishdasha-ed rioters, teargas and cops. and while its been a particularly turbulent time here recently,….

this is the first time i’ve seen any law actually being enforced.

which is very refreshing.

if youre going to start making your people respect the law, then theres no better time than during an election. really,… what better time is there?

its quite symbolic as well,…. you want democracy? well you better be prepared for it! with democracy come responsibility for your actions,… including deciding to sell your vote. and yes if its illegal to sell your vote, you should go to prison if youre caught.

plain and simple. just like the diwaniya thing,….. its not your land is it? well is it?

and i have heard the tradtional weakling opposition to the things going on,….. its not fair! the govt should impose laws fairly and across the board! why us?!

well they have to start somewhere, and you are the most obvious starting point, plus its not like you werent warned now is it?

be honest you thought you could use wasta and get around it didnt you?

and yet you bitch about wasta being the main problem with this country.

i love these new laws, yes even the traffic light deportation law,…. but even more, i love the fact that theyre being enforced. something is changing, and i hope it continues after the elections. if this stuff continues then yeah things are looking brighter for this little nation.

3- watch out middle east,…. brazil has just stummbled upon 2 massive offshore fields,… the biggest discoveries in 30 years,…. big enough to make saudi not so important anymore,….. hmmm,….the brazillian market might be interesting in the next few years.

4- my new pc is soooo quiet that i cant tell if its on or not.

sorry just had to brag one more time 😛

5- dear traffic department, and everyone that blames foreigners for the traffic,….. last time the elections were held, the locals were all at home watching the results with their families.

on that thursday night at 930pm i went from kuwait city to salmiya to hawally and ran some errands,…. and it all took no longer than 45 minutes,…. COS THERE WAS NO TRAFFIC! ON A THURSDAY NIGHT!

i dont know if its going to be the same this time around cos the number of cars on the road these days is crazy,… but i’ll be out with my camera on the 17th.

6- on the issue of traffic,… the window of “not too bad morning congestions” is now between 830 and 1000.

7- i still cant call this election,…. but i’ve got a feeling it wont be a democrat. but i could be wrong.

lol yes i’m limiting my commentary on the elections to that 😛

cos really,… the elections arent going to change anything in this part of the world.

8- last but not least, Intlxpatr has informed me that the baking parchment paper drought has or is about to end,…..




i’ve been showing a couple of new people around town so i thought i would post some pictures for your viewing pleasure:

first off, Mischief posted about trying to describe this place so i thought i would take some pictures for him. everywhere has nice glossy pics, but its the bad weather days that make things interesting.

it was about 1130am, and dusty as a dusty hell,…. if hell was dusty instead of hot.

no photoshop or any post processing apart from resizing.

and while its not one of kuwaits nicer days, its not exactly the worst that it gets.

fahad al salem street:

from sharq mall looking towardsthe city:

and while we’re on the topic of weather, i was out in the freak storm the other night. this was on the road that runs down the side of the american university.

if you drive an suv you love sights like these.

i laugh at the sedans that took it easy while i gunned it thru the water!


this limo gave it a go and actually made it.

this was taken inside the shisha place i took the kuwait noobies to. its in the salmiya palace. theres a restaraunt upstairs too.

pretty aint it.

and to round off this picture post, i’ve decided to actually build my own pc instead of buying something overpriced and loaded with crappy hp/sony/dell software that i’ll never use.

a quick spec list: – big ass Asus cpu fan, Intel Quad core Q6600 cpu, Gigabyte EX38-DQ6 motherboard, 2GB Kingston RAM DDR2 ( to start with 😛 ), TT Armor Jr pc case.

the cpu and cpu fan installed.

my new TT Armor Jr pc case:

still in the process of installing everything so no completed pics yet 😛

and finally,…..

I’m looking for this stuff and so far cant seem to find any anywhere. at all!

its a bloody baking paper drought!

Intlxpatr is looking for it so if you manage to hunt soem down do let her know.

well thats all for now folks 😛