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i’ve been showing a couple of new people around town so i thought i would post some pictures for your viewing pleasure:

first off, Mischief posted about trying to describe this place so i thought i would take some pictures for him. everywhere has nice glossy pics, but its the bad weather days that make things interesting.

it was about 1130am, and dusty as a dusty hell,…. if hell was dusty instead of hot.

no photoshop or any post processing apart from resizing.

and while its not one of kuwaits nicer days, its not exactly the worst that it gets.

fahad al salem street:

from sharq mall looking towardsthe city:

and while we’re on the topic of weather, i was out in the freak storm the other night. this was on the road that runs down the side of the american university.

if you drive an suv you love sights like these.

i laugh at the sedans that took it easy while i gunned it thru the water!


this limo gave it a go and actually made it.

this was taken inside the shisha place i took the kuwait noobies to. its in the salmiya palace. theres a restaraunt upstairs too.

pretty aint it.

and to round off this picture post, i’ve decided to actually build my own pc instead of buying something overpriced and loaded with crappy hp/sony/dell software that i’ll never use.

a quick spec list: – big ass Asus cpu fan, Intel Quad core Q6600 cpu, Gigabyte EX38-DQ6 motherboard, 2GB Kingston RAM DDR2 ( to start with πŸ˜› ), TT Armor Jr pc case.

the cpu and cpu fan installed.

my new TT Armor Jr pc case:

still in the process of installing everything so no completed pics yet πŸ˜›

and finally,…..

I’m looking for this stuff and so far cant seem to find any anywhere. at all!

its a bloody baking paper drought!

Intlxpatr is looking for it so if you manage to hunt soem down do let her know.

well thats all for now folks πŸ˜›



  1. Hi, im looking for a 775 socket cpu fan for my striker ii extreme motherboard, i bought a thermaltake from the market and it wont fit properly keeps hitting the ICUs around the socket. any pointers where to find ASUS cpu coolers in kuwait and if you have any numbers please thanks

  2. your best bet would be software island in hawally. thats where i got mine from. i think they only have a couple asus fans and i got one of them but checkthem out theyre friendly and will help you find something youre looking for. i think i also saw your motherboard there so you could probably check the fit in shop.

    here’s their number: 2633666 / 2660608

    ibn khaldoon street, their building is on the corner with one of the traffic lights.

    also you could try different thermaltake models,… the V1 or the sonic tower, or one of the big typhoon models if noise is not a big deal. i do some audio work and the asus was the quietest of the bunch.

  3. Thanks alot πŸ™‚

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