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have they started?

when you get home,…

load up your torrent and download something,…

then try and browse.

maybe i just messed up the settings?

edit: nevermind, i had just messed up my settings.



  1. I hope they’re not going to cause I just started illegal downloading and I’m loving it.

    You didn’t tell me you posted ! TWICE!

    I miss you so much šŸ˜¦

  2. nah theyre not i messed up my settings šŸ˜›

  3. hello there šŸ™‚ looooong time, how are you?

  4. doing well and yourself?

  5. Not too bad… I tried a new Japanese restaurant last night, best of all… its not open to the public and I loved rating it.. I actually want to do this for a living now LOL

    (review on my blog with pics)

  6. I think they try shutting things down now and then, Skunk, to test their capacity.

  7. cool ansam i shall check it out.

    xpatr, yeah they do once in a while, but in this case i messed up my settings šŸ˜›

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