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i’m curious.

because altho i bookmark a bunch of them, there are only a few that i click on daily.

and because i’m a lazy ass,…

and my bookmarks folder is a mess….

and the space between my ears looks like this:

instead of clicking on individual bookmarks in my browser, i tend to click on safat to see if they’ve posted anything new. which is also a nice way of quickly scanning the blogs to see what people are jabbering on about.

but then thats just kuwait.

at other times i’ll have an interest in a number of other countries or regions, and that interest takes precedence over here so i bookmark aggregators from those regions. so to get an idea of whats going on i’ll quickly scan thru aggregators from asia, europe, malaysia, turkey, etc,….

or go for aggregators of topics,… business, markets, tech, things-to-spend-money-on, stupid-things-to-spend-money-on, travel,etc, etc.

with research being a big part of my job, that pretty much takes up my whole day. ( yes i surf the web for a living šŸ˜› , kinda )

what do you do?

do you just click on one link after another in your bookmarks? or perhaps you have an rss reader like sage built into your firefox like i do (even tho i dont use it much)? what happens when the blogs you like dont have an rss feed?

how do you keep up with your blogs?

and when you think of the blogs that you follow, how do you categorize them in your head? geographically or by the topics they most discuss, or is it by what kind of underwear you think they might wear?

and what aggregators do you have in your bookmark folder?



  1. google reader! ;p~

    everytime a new post pops up on the blog you read, you would know – its so easy to use!

    also you can use but i like google better!

  2. I can’t keep up. I check Safat. I have a few bookmarked, but maybe I can check them once a week. We all have lives!

  3. I have daily ones that I HAVE TO check

    I also have links added in my blog, or just click on those who comments on my blog

  4. cp: ahh google reader, i shall have to try that out.

    xpatr: too true and i guess thats part of my problem,.. its easier to just skim thru safat once in a while rather than click on each.

    ansam: cheers ansam.

    thanks for the answers guys, i have a cunning plan which may or may not work but i it does you’ll hear about it šŸ˜›

  5. How can you manage to be so calm with this in your head?

  6. You’re tagged! Check the rules on my blog.
    I know that you hate this but PLEEEEASE!

  7. Still waiting!

  8. I use Safat, and I list other aggregators from every where on my side bar

    nice blog and welcome to Safat

  9. bie: i’ll get to it,.. eventually.

    exzombie: cheers man.

  10. Woooo Hoooo, Skunk! You’re back on Safat? It’s been about a year, hasn’t it, ever since you changed to wordpress?

  11. yup looks like it altho i have yet to post anything šŸ˜›

    theres just too many silly things to write about that i cant focus!

  12. The space between your ears frightens me. Looks suspiciously familiar.

    I’m not very systematic about it, I just check in on the handful of blogs I follow (aren’t you honored? Such a select group….) every week or so. When I remember. Too many things going on upstairs.

    Thanks for always being interesting!

  13. rokusan: youre welcome and thanks for the compliment šŸ˜€

  14. Speaking of updated blogs, I took your advice over on my Fish Tree Tales. Thanks for that!

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