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mo’ money, mo’ money,

write off our loans!

mo’ money, mo’ money,

write off our loans!

so the mp’s are headed back into parliament to demand yet another KD50 salary + pension increase and the debt write off.

haha, sweet!

thats even more government oil money that wont be wasted on the future generation, and i wont have to wait for the government to allocate the money into investment funds before it hits my pocket.

you see if they did invest it wisely, as they should,…

then it would have gone into investment companies, with professionals managing the future generations’ assetts, and only the profits would have filtered into the investment companies’ earnings before being paid to me as dividends next year.

but now, if approved, the new salary increase will hit the market during the summer. which means that it’ll all be spent by summer. so the money will actually be transfered to the companies, and their earnings will get a nice little boost.

so instead of waiting a whooooole year, the companies whose shares i own will be flush with cash, which will be reflected in their earnings and therefore their share price will float up to heaven on the green wings of the money gods. and all this on top of the dividends that i’ll be getting next year!

god bless the mentally handicapped indeed!

much better than wasting it all on future generations.

and on the debt write off issue,… yet again.

i say ” Write it all off!”

they say that you should never argue with a retard cos people from a distance cant tell who is who. and i agree.

the people of this nation campaigning for this will not wake up one morning and go

” i say old boy, perhaps this isnt the most proper course of action for the future of our nation. perhaps we should just bear the burden of our own financial retardedness?”

you see, as long as people are in debt, justifiable debt or otherwise, they will always be the pawns of those promising to fight for the debt write off. and as long as there are people in debt, then every MP under the sun will support it cos thats where the votes are. for the MP’s its an easy target. is it any wonder that so many “conservatives” who happen to favor the bearded look got into power?

so the skunk shall make a public endorsement:

” i hereby support the motion to write off personal debts that have been built up over time so that everyone can drive a merc and live in a big ass house with 10 servants.”


and its a big ass “but”, as big a “but” as a big ass butt on a big butted ass.

in order to do it fairly across the board, so that those who havent taken out loans will also be helped, i propose the following crucial “but”:

before being eligible for the loan write off, you must declare yourself financially bankrupt.

because thats exactly what you are.

and with the status of financial bankruptcy you will qualify for aid and a debt write off,…. but,…. with the aid, and with the write off you also have to deal with everything that comes along with your status of being bankrupt.

you will get a new number on your ID card stating that :

a) you are bankrupt, and

b) you are bankrupt to the sum of, for example: class1 – KD5,000, class2 – KD10,000, class3 – KD50,000, etc. ( i know you love your social class hierarchy šŸ˜› )

and with that number on your ID:

you will not be allowed to take out new loans, cos you’ve proved that you cant handle the money.

you will not be allowed to have credit cards, cos you’ve proved that you cant deal with them like an adult.

you will not be allowed to obtain credit of any kind until such a time that you can prove that you are no longer financially bankrupt, and until you can put up collateral other than your nationality and your government job.

but the good thing is that no one will come after you cos you havent paid your loans. you’ll keep everything you stupidly bought, the house, the furniture, the maids, the cars,..

its just that you’ll probably have to drive the same car for the next 10 years.


shock horror!!!

that my friends is the only fair way to resolve this matter. its the only way to make it fair on the hard working people who live a life based on principles and securing the future of their family. and its the only way to make this debt write off a one time deal.

cos in this region, shame and saving face are the only things that matter. its the whole reason these morons are in debt in the first place.

so i say use your own worst traits to better yourselves. get to the heart of how your peoples function and you will understand how to divert all this mis-spent energy into something positive.

so yeah debt write off and salary increase! bring it on!

i’m gonna go count my money now,… šŸ˜›



  1. Sometimes you can tell how retard they are from the way they dress.

    As great as your idea sound they will never approve it cause that means that they will not be able to buy the latest Prada, Dior, Gucci purse! :O

    I’m already counting šŸ˜›

  2. “god bless the mentally handicapped indeed!”

    hahahahahah lovely!

  3. You’re so irreverent. But that is a damn fine idea. But since, in the scheme of things, you can be pretty sure that’s not gonna’ happen, happy counting!!

  4. blue: yeah i know it wont ever happen and actually if it doesnt happen all the better for my wallet.

    cp: cheers šŸ˜›

    rokusan: lol yeah i get that alot šŸ˜›

  5. Skunk and Cixousianpanic, first of all I came across this “site” by accident and I am discouraged to find that there are still “retarded” as you put it, people writing commentaries with little regard to people who are less fortunate than you “brilliant” guys. I happen to be “mentally challenged” dealing with a severe case of clinical depression and anxiety due to a crippling bone disease. I also happen to know personally a few mentally challenged folks who would put both of you to shame. I think it would be advisable to choose your words wisely in the future. Karma can be nasty.

  6. israeli combatant, if you had actually read the post properly and understood the context in which the terms were used then i’m sure that you yourself will rethink your comment.

    as sad as your bone disease is, clinical depression and anxiety dont class you as retarded or mentally handicapped. mentally challenged perhaps yes.

    what does class you as being as retarded as the people the post describes is the fact that you seem to have taken personal offense to how a word is used, or even the mere fact that it was used.

    you bad politically correct word nazi you! (yes i chose all the words in that sentance very wisely)


    if this is how you spend your time while you have a serious disease then no wonder youre fucking depressed!

    did you even read the post or did you just use google to highlight “retard”?

    i think it would be advisable that you read,… actually read the post and then comment in the future.

    oh and after you’ve actually read it, your apology for such a shitty comment will be more than welcome, if you do decide to come back that is šŸ˜›

  7. ooooohhhh Skunk, combatant aside, I hope you are right and that this is just a lot of hot air blowing, and not the winds of change. I can’t imagine anything worse for the future of Kuwait than a second debt forgiveness (there was a good reason for the first) and another raise just because people want it.

  8. well it looks like its going to go ahead from todays headlines.

    its sad to say, but the people have spoken and thats what they want. but as the saying goes, what they want and what they actually need are not necessarily the same thing.

    welcome back from water buffalo land šŸ˜€

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