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or more specifically, your search queries.

the search terms that lead people to my site never fails to amuse me. so this is my way of saying thank you for adding numbers to my stats 😛

1. bacon: – 406 hits

bacon comes from pigs, is really yummy with eggs, and can be fatal if you eat enough of it.

which is pretty easy cos yes it does taste that good!

this bacon is also pretty good too, but i cant attest to the taste of him:

you’ll have to ask his wife about that.

and then there is francis bacon who was quite good with a pack of crayons. he did this:

2. hamilton pool:- 279 hits.

no idea what this was exactly but after googling: – apparently its a nature preserve in texas. heres the link youre probably looking for: hamilton pool.

gorgeous aint it?

3. cacaroches:- 144 hits.

to kill cacaroches you will need:

1 frying pan,

4 bags of 1kg flour,

3 onions,

2 tins of tomatoes and

a pound of apples.

the next time you see a cacaroche,….







  1. How funny is that! 🙂

  2. LOL Hilarious! and your ways to get rid of the cockroaches are insane dude! Like a cooking recipe….

    Get some roaches flattened (eeek with your frying pan method)
    Sprinkle them with flour (ewwwwwwwwe)
    Then again in the frying pan, sauté them with chopped onions and tomato paste
    Add some apples for taste!

  3. oh and you can add bacon crisps on top!!!!

  4. hahaha 😛

    hamilton park looks gorgeous!!! i need to visit texas!

  5. Any tips on how to kill butterflies? I want to annihilate the species

    *runs through nearest wall, screaming and pulling hair out*

  6. glad you all liked it.

    ri, ummm what do you have against those pretty butterflies?

    but if you really want to kill em all, the above method should work for them as well 😛

  7. god bless you

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