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on the rare occasions that i actually use my brain for something complex,…

like basic math….

i get hungry.

just one of the many disadvantages to having an unusually large head.


when working, i like to listen to music.

but when working on music, i obviously cant.

which is probably why i have trouble working on my own music for extended periods of time.



  1. Basic math is why God invented calculators. (Tell me I’m wrong.)

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll ~

  2. lol indeed.

    yeah i figured it was about time i had a blogroll. makes things easier for me 😛

  3. so the disadvantage of having unusal large head is also the reason for why you cant work on your music for long periods of time!

  4. lol perhaps the greater space between my ears makes the sound waves echo more 😛

  5. LOL you nutcase!

  6. 😛

  7. I’m exactly the same, except everything makes me hungry.

  8. lol you must have quite the stash of junk food then.

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