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Intlxpatr has started a tag that i think is especially poignant at a time when everyone is paying more at the supermarket, mp’s and governments are fighting over money the world over, and just about every stock market in the world is starting to look like an emo teenager who needs to go on prozac,…. or get a good kick up the backside.

so heres the deal:

list five things that make you happy / smile / not act emo that each or all together cost less than KD5.000

which is roughly US$20 or 10 quid or Euros 12.

or 129782578940375847835784378943078 trillion zimbabwean mugabe dollars.

here are my five:

1- the smell of a good strong cup of home brew coffee first thing in the morning ( none of that starbucks crap,… ps even if a starbucks coffee only costs KD 1.500, it doesnt count cos you have to add the “i am a chump and will pay for a lifestyle image” tax of $50 a cup,…. ).

2- the feeling of a rotating cotton bud in your ear…. i’m surprised there isnt a porn fetish for this yet,… or maybe i just havent looked hard enough,.. not that i’ve looked yet. šŸ˜

3- the clipping of nails,…. both toe nails and fingernails,…. but i find toe nails much more satisfying, naturally. ( only my own toenails of course,… i dont want to clip yours or anyone elses!)

4- the first breeze on a freshly shaved head as you walk out the barber shop.

5- that split second, when you jump off the diving board, where youre just hanging, you know right before the plunge.



of course youre tagged.

you read it, so youre tagged!



time to google “cotton bud porn”.



  1. 1. oh! YES! That wonderful smell.
    2. You need to meet Mirim!


    I never never know what your outside-the-box mind will come up with and I am never disappointed.

  2. hehe glad to be of service. i shall track down this mirim you speak of.

  3. I don’t know what “emo” means, but I get the gist. Here’s my list, in no particular order.

    1. Brushing my back teeth and getting a little gum massage action going. Not unlike the Q-tip in the ear thing you like….
    2. When a funny part of a favorite movie is just about to happen. I know it’s coming, and I start laughing before the line is said, it STILL cracks me up!
    3. The first bite of steak. Whether I’ve made it, or it’s off the grill at a friend’s house, or ordered at a restaurant, nothing beats the very first bite.
    4. Watching the first snow of the season.
    5. Coming in from outside of this horrid KS (or that horrid Japan) summer, into an air-conditioned room.

  4. ooh definately the steak thing, and the snow thing.

    and lol @ the movie thing!

  5. There’s ear cleaning porn. And over here, you can pay to get your ears cleaned by a yukata-clad lovely. Yay.

  6. kynapple: hmm dunno about someone else cleaning my ear. i had it done once and it really stressed me out.

    and welcome to me blog.

  7. I’ve been lurking for ages actually. I just thought I’d have a comment fest to return the favour šŸ˜€

    I’ve never had anyone else clean my ears, but I like doing it myself. In Japan it’s one of those amazing cultural things that makes so much sense. And it’s generally kind of nice.


  8. well i’m glad you came out of lurking. wordpress sucks in that the stats dont tell me how many people actually return, so comments are the only way i really know that i have regular readers.

    actually i prefer the cotton bud /q-tip cleaning as opposed to the japanese ear shovel, altho it does have its uses.

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